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A Pocket for Corduroy DVD

A WowieBOZowee Christmas (DVD)


Acting Skills for Singers: Easy Techniques for Dynamic Performances (DVD)

Action Words! DVD


Africa, A Land of Hope

Alien Intrusion: Unmasking the Deception (Movie)

Almanzo Wilder: Life Before Laura

American Colonies/American Revolution DVD The American Constitution: Bundle of Compromises DVD The Civil War: American Against American DVD

Animals in The Bible: Powerful Lessons From God's Amazing Creatures DVD & Study Guide

Appalachian Trail

Arno Peters: Radical Map, Remarkable Man

Audubon Butterfly DVD

Audubon Society's Butterflies for Beginners VHS and Butterfly Gardening VHS

Audubon Society's VideoGuide to Birds of North America (VHS Set)

Audubon VideoGuide to 505 Birds of North America on Two DVDs

Awesome Science: Explore Mount St. Helens with Noah Justice DVD

Babar and Father Christmas DVD

Bach's Fight for Freedom

Bands on the Run: The Rubber Band Movie

Baroque Dance Unmasked

Benji Collection – Blu-ray+DVD+Digital

Beyond the Mask Blu Ray DVD; Beyond the Mask Soundtrack CD; The Official Illustrated Movie Guide (book)

Boz the Bear DVD Series

Brainy Baby - Jingle Bells DVD

C.H. Spurgeon: The People's Preacher

Caterpillar to Butterfly: Adventures in Science, Music, and Dance DVD

Charles W. Morgan: Voyages of the Past, Present and Future

Circle Unbroken: A Gullah Journey from Africa to America (DVD)

Clicker Puppy DVD

Cougar: Ghost of the Rockies / The Hidden World of Africa

Creating Ballet Fun with Rochelle

Curious George on PBS Kids

Dance with the Animals (DVD)

Danny (DVD)

Darwin's Dilemma

Darwin's Dilemma

Degas and the Dancer

Dinosaurs: Genesis and the Gospel

Discoveries . . . America: Iowa

Discoveries . . . America: Michigan Discoveries . . . America: Wyoming

Discoveries . . . America: South Carolina

Discoveries . . . America: Utah

Discoveries America: Kentucky

Does God Exist?

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! (DVD)

Drawing Lessons for Beginners

Drew Carey Project, Volume 1

Drive Thru History: American History Series

Duke Ellington . . . And More Stories to Celebrate Great Figures in African American History (DVD)

Entrusted with Arrows: Entrepreneurial Homeschool Fathers (DVD)

Eusebio's Dream

Evolution's Achilles' Heels

Experience Making Fire with Ike DVD

Exploring Our Past: Comparing the Lives of Native Peoples (DVD)

Exploring Religious Art with Discussion Guide

Eyewitness 2: The Window to the Heart DVD

Families of Afghanistan DVD (Families of the World(TM) Series)

Families of Canada

Families of Kenya

Families of USA DVD

Families of the World: Families of Germany Families of the World: Families of the Philippines

Filling The Gap: Forgotten Chapter of American History

Flame On DVD

Flatland: A Journey of Many Dimensions (DVD)

Flight, Metamorphosis, Where Does the Evidence Lead? and Unlocking the Mystery of Life

Flight: The Genius of Birds (DVD and Discussion & Study Guide)

Footprints + Friends for Life – Double Feature – Blu-ray+DVD+Digital

Foundations in Personal Finance Homeschool Pack with 1 Student Workbook

Friends and Heroes DVD (Episodes 1 and 2)

Friends and Heroes DVD Series

Friends and Heroes Homeschool Unit Study 1: including The Long Journey DVD

Fun on the Farm: John Deere

Galileo: On the Shoulders of Giants

Genesis: The Key to Reclaiming the Culture

George Washington Carver: An Uncommon Way DVD

Getting To Know The World's Greatest Artists--Andy Warhol (DVD)

Getting to Know Color in Art, Getting to Know Line in Art, Getting to Know Shape & Form in Art DVD Set

Getting to Know George Washington (DVD)

Giggle, Giggle, Quack . . . and more stories by Doreen Cronin (DVD)

Gladys Aylward

God of Wonders DVD

Good Night Moon DVD

Granpa Cratchet Live Show Series

Guard Dog - DVD

Heartstrings, In The Beginning God Created Fathers and Sons...

Icons of Evolution DVD

If the World Were a Village DVD

In Search of Liberty

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution III

Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution I and II

Internet Safety DVD

Israel, A Journey Through Time

Jane and the Dragon: A Dragon's Tale

Jobz 4 Dogz DVD / Amazing Heroes DVD

Keep and Bear: The Movie (DVD)

Keeping Score, Season II

Kid West – DVD+Digital

Kids Multiplication Motivation

Kids' Ten Commandments, The

King Corn: You Are What You Eat

King Otis and the Kingdom of Goode: A Tale of Difference DVD

King of Creation DVD

La Fiesta! DVD

Leading a Controlled Life in a Lust Driven World (DVD)

Legacy Videos

Let There Be Light Movie

Let's Play Ball!, Let's Make a Splash!, and Let's Dance & Tumble DVDs

Let's Say Thanks to God!

Liberty Letters series

Life's Story: The One That Hasn't Been Told

Light Speed Math: Number Crunching

Lightspeed History of the U.S.: Significant Presidencies (1788-1869)

Lincoln and Douglass: An American Friendship DVD

Living Hope (DVD)

Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth DVD

Lost in the Woods: The Movie (DVD)

Lots & Lots of Animal Stories for Kids - Vol 1 Bears

Lots & Lots of Big Steam Trains Galore

Lots & Lots of Fitness Fun for Kids! DVD

Lots & Lots of Roaring Rockets DVD

Making and Playing Homemade Instruments

Mark Twain's Hannibal: A Homecoming DVD

Mary’s Song DVD

Meet the Sight Words DVD


Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies

Mice of the Herring Bone DVD

Middleham Castle: A Royal Residence DVD, Activity Pack, and Great Hall Print

Milltown Pride DVD

Money and Making Change (DVD)

Monki See, Monki Do: All About Colors DVD

Montessori DVDs

My Baby Can Talk: Sign Language For Babies (DVD set and Book set)

My First Collection Featuring Splat the Cat

My Little Pony A Very Minty Christmas (DVD)

Noble (DVD)

One Hit from Home

Our Created Solar System DVD

Owlegories Vol. 1: The Sun, The Seed, The Water DVD

Owlegories Vol. 3: The Fire, The Duck, The Seasons DVD

Owlegories, Volume 2 (The Ant, The Fruite, The Butterfly) DVD

Pendragon: Sword of His Father (DVD)

Pennies a Day

Pocket Snails Potty Adventure DVD

Preparing to Homeschool High School (DVD) The Easy Truth About Homeschool Transcripts (e-book) The HomeScholar Gold Care Club

Princess Cut Movie (DVD)

Programming of Life 2 Earth DVD

Programming of Life DVD

Putting the Pieces Together

Red, White & True Mysteries

Rock 'N Learn DVDs

Runaway Ralph DVD

Scholastic Storybook Treasures: The Scrambled States of America

Scholastic Video (DVD) Collection: Treasury of 100 Storybook Classics

Setting A Paradigm for Purity DVD

Shakespeare 4 Kidz Macbeth

Sing-Along Travel Kit: The Wheels on the Bus Scholastic Storybook Treasures

So You Want to Be President? DVD

So smart! Shapes DVD

Sounds Like Learning CD and DVD / Fingerplays and Fun CD / Letter Fun Lotto / Short Vowel Fun

Spanish for Kids, Beginner Level I, Volume I

Spanish for Kids: The Seasons DVD

Stories from Around the World (DVD) / Enchanting Christmas Stories (DVD)

Storyteller's Favorite Fables DVD

Storywatchers Club: Christmas (DVD)

Stranger Safety DVD

Subitize Me!

Summer with Selik

Sunny Day CD

Sweet Land of Liberty Memorable Moments in American History The 19th Century DVD

Sweet Land of Liberty – Memorable Moments in American History - The 18th Century DVD

Sweet Land of Liberty – Memorable Moments in American History – The 20th Century DVD

Sweet Land of Liberty: The 20th Century DVD

Swingset Mamas: Swing, Dance and Sing

Tap Dance History: From Vaudeville to Film DVD

Teaching Kids to Sing Volumes 1 and 2

The Adventures of Ranger Mike DVD set

The Amy Carmichael Story DVD

The Assistant Professor: Decimals to be Exact, Part 1 (DVD) The Assistant Professor: Fractions and All Their Parts, Part 1 (DVD)

The Battle of Bunker Hill DVD

The Best of “Watch Mr. Wizard” Vol. 1 DVD / “Mr. Wizard's World” Vol. 1 DVD

The Big Six DVD and Coot Club DVD

The Boy Who Cried Wolf and More Children's Fables

The Case for Creation (DVD)

The Case for Faith: The Film

The Case for a Creator: A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence that Points Toward God

The Character Chronicles

The Children of Caesar: The state of American Education, where it is headed, and what your family can do about it! (2-DVD set)

The Crossmaker

The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate The Wash ..and more back-to-school stories

The Dust Bowl / The Chicago Fire

The Fascinating World of: (Birds, Mammals, Insects)

The Grand Canyon: The Puzzle on the Plateau DVD

The Great Awakening: Spiritual Revival in Colonial America (DVD)

The Ice Age: Only the Bible Explains It

The Mantis Parable DVD

The Movie Making Book

The Pastor's House

The Privileged Planet

The Privileged Planet DVD

The Real Middle Earth: A Quest for the Magical Places That Inspired The Lord of the Rings (DVD)

The Rosemary Wells Collection DVD (featuring Max and Ruby)

The Runner from Ravenshead

The Show and Tell Bible: The Books of Moses (DVD); I Know My Bible Activity Book: The Books of Moses

The Star of Bethlehem Movie

The Story of Wassail

The Ten Commandments DVD

The Ten Commandments DVD

The Touch DVD

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! . . . and More Animal Adventures DVD

The Wind in the Willows: The Complete Second Series DVD

The X-Nilo Show: Dinosaurs and the Bible

Thornton Wilder's Our Town (VHS)

Tikki Tikki Tembo - and More Favorite Tales

To Be One DVD

Tomorrow's Hollow DVD

Tubabs in Africa

Tweaky and Friends Teach Character Building Lessons

Unlocking the Mystery of Life

Unlocking the Mystery of Life DVD with Discussion & Study Guide

Up, Down & All Around

Victoria's Chance

Wandering Warrior

What's in the Bible Volume 5: Israel Gets a King

What's on Your Plate?

What's the Economy For, Anyway? (DVD)

When Calls the Heart: Troubled Hearts (DVD)

Where Does the Evidence Lead?

Where Does the Evidence Lead?

Where the Grass is Greener: Biblical Stewardship vs. Climate Alarmism

Word World DVD

Worship Africa, Vol. 1 (DVD)

Write the Right Way!

Your Backyard: Birds of the Eastern and Central United States DVD