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Legal Privacy Policy

Effective date:  February 1, 2021

Last Modified: February 1, 2021 at 8 am EST. and The Schoolhouse Store Website (individually and collectively, “Website”) are owned and operated by , The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC (“Company”). Company and Website are strongly committed to protecting the personal privacy of all customers, vendors and website users (collectively, “Users”). For purposes of this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) any person accessing or using Website is a “User” whether or not the User has created a personal account, posted information on or transferred information to Website.

  1. Transfer or Sale of Information.* Company and Website will not transfer, sell, trade, rent, barter or otherwise disclose personal identifying information provided by a User (“Personal Information”) except pursuant to the Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”), this Privacy Policy or permission from the relevant User. Creation of an account and/or providing Personal Information to Company and/or Website constitutes the User’s permission for Company and Website to use and share that User’s Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the other Terms of Use. Purpose and Applicability. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and subject to the provisions of the Terms of Use. Company and Website have implemented this Privacy Policy to explain (a) information gathered from and about Users by Company and Website and potential uses of that information, (b) User options with regard to disclosure and use of Personal Information and (c) the ability of User to correct, withdraw or delete Personal Information about or belonging to User. This Privacy Policy applies only to Website. Other websites owned by Company and websites owned or operated by third parties may contain similar or different privacy policies. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any other person, entity, organization, or website to or from which Website links or is linked. Users are strongly encouraged to read and regularly review posted privacy policies on all websites, whether or not owned by Company or affiliated with Website.
    1. *Terms of Use Notice: The Old Schoolhouse® company and all of its divisions value your privacy; your email and/or mailing address will not be sold to an “email-mill” or general “contact buyer”., however, has a special relationship with The Old Schoolhouse® and they do receive contact information of TOS subscribers, associates and customers regularly, so you may hear from them from time to time or receive CBD catalogs by mail. TOS currently partners with no other entity in this way. You may opt out of any TOS or contacts at any time by unsubscribing through the link provided in TOS emails and/or emails. ON-LINE CUSTOMERS: As a customer of The Old Schoolhouse®, you will automatically be signed up to receive The Homeschool Minute newsletter. 
  2. No Unsupervised Minors. Company and Website are concerned about safe, supervised use of the Internet by Minors. For purposes of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use, “Minor” means any natural person under the age of eighteen (18) years. Company and Website do not knowingly collect information from Minors, permit Minors to register for personal accounts with Website or permit Minors to access Website without adult supervision and the consent of a parent or legal guardian. Use of Website constitutes a warranty that the User (a) is not a Minor or (b) is a Minor using Website with the full knowledge, supervision and consent of his or her parent or legal guardian. Company and Website strongly encourage parents and legal guardians to review the Terms of Use and other posted Website policies, rules, procedures and practices carefully and to monitor use of the Internet, including Website, by their Minor children. Company and Website reserve the right to block or terminate the access of, and delete all information provided by, any User suspected or determined to be a Minor using Website without the supervision and consent of his or her parent or legal guardian.
  3. Cookies and Automatic Collection of User Information. Users may browse and read general Website content without revealing Personal Information other than default information customarily logged by Website and its host server. Company, Website and the host server may automatically collect certain information from all Users who access Website, including without limitation (a) date and time of access, (b) the originating IP address from which User accessed Website, (c) the Internet address of third-party websites from which User accessed or linked to Website, and (d) pages and portions of Website the User views or accesses. Company and Website collect this information through the use of Cookies. “Cookies” means text files with electronic identifiers which store and retrieve information from and about Users, permitting Website to recognize returning Users, track use of Website and maintain customized Internet webpages and preferences. Session Cookies expire when a User exits the Internet browser. Persistent Cookies remain on a User’s computer for a given time or until deleted. Company and Website use both session Cookies and persistent Cookies. The Cookies used by Company and Website do not collect personally identifiable information. Company and Website do not combine information collected from or through the use of Cookies with other Personal Information to determine the identity or email address of Users without the individual User’s express consent. Company and Website collect and periodically review information collected using Cookies in order to provide access to Website and related services, to review and evaluate the popularity and functionality of Website and related services, to establish priorities and allocate resources associated with Website and related services and for other internal informational purposes. Company and Website may share aggregate information collected through the use of Cookies with business partners, affiliated companies, sponsors, advertisers and other third parties in order to improve the functionality of Website and the range of available products and services offered on, by and through Website. Company and Website may also use Cookies, web beacons or other programs to determine, on an anonymous basis, which portions of Website are most frequently accessed by Users. Users who wish to create accounts or actively use other services available through Website may be required to provide contact, identity and other Personal Information as part of the account creation, login, ordering and purchasing processes. This information may be shared with or transmitted to vendors, suppliers, and other third parties as part of the ordering and purchasing processes, and may also be shared with Company’s business partners, Company sponsors, and other affiliated companies. Users always have the option to choose not to use services or features which require individuals to provide specific Personal Information, although the decision not to provide Personal Information may prevent access to or use of some or all Website products and services.
  4. Collection of Personal Information at Account Creation. Company and Website permit individual Users to register for and use personal accounts and submit certain Personal Information with or without account registration pursuant to the Terms of Use and other policies, rules, procedures and practices established, posted and modified by Company and Website from time to time. As part of the account creation, purchasing and product ordering processes Company and Website may ask for specific Personal Information about User, including without limitation the User’s name, age, address, e-mail address, telephone number, credit card or other financial information, login name and password. Company and Website require this information in order to create and maintain a personal account for or on behalf of User, to enable User to purchase products and services on or through Website and to provide User with access to certain services offered by or areas of Website. Company and Website may use Cookies and other available technology to remember User preferences and customized settings, facilitate User access to Website and verify User access to personal accounts.
  5. Third Party Information. Some portions of Website, including without limitation portions of Website permitting the purchase of gift items, may permit Users to enter Personal Information about or relating to the User or third parties. Use of these portions of Website constitutes the User’s express representation and warranty that the User has the full authority and express consent of the person whose Personal Information User enters into or provides to Website. Company and Website do not permit or condone the use of any Personal Information without the specific, express consent of the person to whom the information relates and accept no liability or responsibility for the entry or use of Personal Information belonging to any person, however received by or transmitted to Website. User agrees to indemnify The Old Schoolhouse, LLC, for any actions brought against The Old Schoolhouse, LLC or its affiliates, sponsors, or business partners for the entry or use of third-party Personal Information entered by the User. 
  6. E-Mail Contact. Users who register for a personal account or wish to purchase products from or through Website must provide Company and Website with a valid e-mail address and other identifying Personal Information. Company, Website, Company’s sponsors, and other companies affiliated with Company may use this Personal Information from time to time in order to contact Users for purposes of updating required information and providing important information about (a) services offered by Company, Website, and Company’s sponsors and affiliated companies, (b) changes to Company and Website policies, rules, procedures and practices and (c) the User’s personal account or order information. Company and Website do not and will not sell User names or e-mail addresses and will not share User names and contact information with third parties other than Company’s business partners, sponsors, and affiliated companies. Company does not engage in “spamming” and always provides Users with “opt-out” options for all marketing, advertising and sales contacts. Nondisclosure of Private Information. Company and Website will not sell or disclose the Personal Information of any User except as reasonably required (a) to process the User’s order or gift purchase, (b) by law or to comply with legal process served on Company or Website, (c) in accordance  with the Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and other Website policies, rules, procedures and practices, (d) according to the terms of the Company’s business, affiliate, and sponsorship agreements, (e) to develop, improve, operate, maintain and debug Website or (f) to protect and defend the rights, property and personal safety of Company, Website, Users or members of the public. Users understand and agree that Company and Website must disclose Personal Information about orders, gifts and purchases to third-party vendors as part of the order and purchase process, that Company discloses certain Personal Information to Company’s business partners, sponsors, and affiliated companies pursuant to contracts with specific third party entities, and that Company and Website are not responsible and accept no liability for the subsequent use of Personal Information by third parties, whether or not those parties received the Personal Information from Company or Website.
  7. User Access to Personal Information. Each User may access his or her own Personal Information and account information for the limited purposes of viewing, verifying, altering or updating Personal Information provided to Company and Website. Company and Website reserve the right to keep copies of all information provided to Company and Website for as long as Company and Website decide is necessary, reasonable or advisable.  However, Company and Website retain its right to delete User personal information and all User records at any time, and User shall have no recourse against Company and Website for deletion of User records, whether such deletion was done by Company or by the action of any third party  
  8. Links to Other Websites. Website may contain links to other Internet websites (“External Links”). External Links may be provided by advertisers, Users or other third-party content providers not related to or affiliated with Company or Website. Company and Website have no control over third-parties or their websites, whether or not those websites link to or from Website. This Privacy Policy, along with the Terms of Use, Disclaimer and other Website policies, rules, procedures and practices apply only to Website and do not apply to any External Links or linked sites. Users are advised and strongly encouraged to carefully review and understand the individual privacy policies of other websites. Company and Website accept no responsibility or liability for the privacy policies or actions of third parties or for information provided to third parties, whether or not linked to or accessed through Website.
  • Social Media: Our social media sites may contain links to other websites operated by third parties, which may contain information that might be helpful to you. If you choose to use any of the links provided, please know we have no control of these other sites and assume no responsibility for any content, services, or products offered to you by such sites. Links to a third party site should not be considered as an endorsement of any general or specific content of that company or site. 
  • Privacy, Publicity and Intellectual Property Rights. Personal Information and other information posted or linked to or otherwise incorporated in Website may be owned by third parties and subject to a variety of legal rights, including without limitation privacy, publicity and intellectual property rights. Use of information appearing on Website is subject to the Terms of Use and applicable law. Use of information appearing on Website without the permission of the owner may result in liability for a variety of claims, including without limitation claims for violation of privacy and intellectual property rights. No person may use or commercially exploit the rights of Company, any User or any third party, including without limitation reproduction of photographs, product descriptions, logos and other visual representations, without the written consent of the owner or rights holder, except as specifically permitted by the Terms of Use or applicable law.
  • Changes to Privacy Policy. Company and Website reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy from time to time, with or without cause or prior notice. Company and Website will post all changes to the Privacy Policy on Website. Changes to the Privacy Policy are effective immediately upon posting. Users are responsible for reviewing the Privacy Policy regularly. Use of Website indicates User’s full and complete agreement to the terms of this Privacy Policy as if User had signed a written document assenting to  the Privacy Policy. Use of information gathered by or in the possession of Company and Website is subject to the Privacy Policy as in effect at the time of use. 
  • Social Media Policy.   Company and Website make use of social media tools, including but not limited to Facebook®, Twitter®, Pinterest®, and YouTube®.  These tools assist users in using the Website or other Company resources to access and utilize information found on social media sites and also to post and otherwise provide information to such sites.  By using Website, User herebygrants Company and Website  all required permissions to access such sites and provide this functionality, including the right to access and utilize User date on social media . 

12.  Refund Policy. If you would like to return a physical product from our online store, please contact Customer Service at, or call (888) 718-4663. We do not accept returns on digital products.  13.  Jurisdiction, Venue, and Governing Law.    This privacy policy shall be governed by Tennessee law.    Jurisdiction and venue shall be vested in Washington County, Tennessee for any legal disputes regarding this privacy policy.  In no event shall TOS be liable for any attorney’s fees in any dispute related to this privacy policy.

14.  Terms of Use.  The entire TOS Terms of Use, available at, is incorporated  by reference in this Privacy Policy as if fully set out herein. 

15.  Modification, Waiver,  and other Legal  Agreements.  Terms and provisions in this Privacy Policy may be modified only by a  written document signed by an authorized representative of  both parties.  Waiver of  any  of these terms shall not prevent TOS from subsequently enforcing any provision of  this Privacy Policy in accordance with the terms herein.   If any provision or term herein  is held  to be invalid, void, or unenforceable by a court of law with  proper jurisdiction, such  provision shall be severed from this Privacy Policy and shall not affect the validity or operation of any other provision herein.  User agrees that TOS’ total liability to User will be limited to any amount paid by User to TOS.   TOS shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental, punitive, or special damages related to this Privacy Policy. 

16.  Questions about Privacy.   Questions concerning privacy may be directed by email to or by writing:  The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, PO Box 8426, Gray, TN 37615

16.  California Do Not Track (DNT) Disclosures.  Website does not provide a “Do Not Track” option and does not comply with “Do Not Track” browser designations. 

17.  California Notice to Minors.  If you are a California resident under 18 years old, you may request that TOS remove content or information that you have submitted or posted to our website or other online services.  Fulfillment of the request may not ensure complete or comprehensive removal, especially in situations where information has been posted by others in forums not under the control or direction of TOS.  To request removal of content or information, please e-mail or call 888-718-4663. 

18.  California Choice and Opt Out Notices.  You have a choice about how we use your personal information to communicate with you, and you may opt out at any time by unsubscribing via the link provided in TOS emails.   

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