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Thank you for visiting The Old Schoolhouse®. TOS began in 2001 with a small quarterly print magazine and has grown into a quarterly digital format accessible any time online and on the TOS App. Read the current issue at or download the free app at

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“Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk is pleased to come alongside The Old Schoolhouse, an exemplary organization and magazine, in serving families that care so deeply for the nurturing and development of their kids.” – Family Talk Radio

“I have been a supporter of the homeschooling movement since the start, and have great respect for the parents who choose to take on the challenging, but important, task of educating their children.” – Dr. James Dobson- FAMILY TALK

Paul and Gena Suarez of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine have seven children ranging in age from 30 years old to 7 years old (four boys, three girls!). Paul and Gena feel strongly that a child does best when taught by his parents and siblings, allowing that child to grow up in a secure, loving environment where the child’s best interest truly is the goal.

A Christian homeschooler’s “core curriculum” is far from “common.” It’s an education built on faith in the Lord; lots of love, affection, and conversations; and a profound understanding that a child is a special individual, called to greatness, highly valued as a tender heart to be brought up in the love and admonition of the Lord. Paul and Gena want to share that vision with parents around the world. Together, they work full time publishing two magazines, traveling often, and drinking good, strong coffee. Their family makes their home in beautiful, hilly, eastern Tennessee. You can email the Suarezes at

Our Story

Back in 2001, the magazine was just a dream. It started off as a homeschooling newsletter—an online one at that. But first it was an eBay store. The Old Schoolhouse® was without trademark at the time, and was just the bookstore name of our family’s eBay store. Don’t get us wrong; the store was doing great! We loved the name and had picked it out carefully. We loved the feel of old times past, the Little House On the Prairie era. And our online eBay store was full of books, including ones from the ’60s, ’70s, and even before. Mostly though, it was homeschooling curriculum. We were homeschooling at the time (and still are!), and it was a natural flow to sell homeschool-related items in the bookstore. We loved collecting curriculum! So off to yard sales we’d go. Off to thrift shops, kids in tow… (keep reading)

So thrilled that I now have my favorite magazine everywhere I go with my smart phone. I love the flexibility of using those previously wasted minutes to help me build up my faith and sharpen my home educator skills. Thanks TOS for being at the leading edge of technology once again!

Malia M. Russell, Director

Once again, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is leading the pack, this time by going digital and creating an App for Droid. I just finished reviewing the most recent issue and it works beautifully. Now I actually have something worth reading on my phone.

Joaquin Fernandez, Producer of IndoctriNation the Movie –

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).