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Jenny is a wife to her amazing husband of 17 years and stay-at-home momma to 4 kids with another on the way.  She blogs at where she is learning that blessings aren’t always convenient.


Crystal Bourne is the proud wife of a military Veteran and the mother of five. Her homeschooling philosophy closely resembles relaxed homeschooling/ unschooling, though she doesn’t always feel relaxed. She believes all people are Bourne Learners, gifted with individual skills and talents that will shine when given the opportunity to explore the world and pursue their passions.

Amanda Brandon is a freelance writer and homeschooling mother of three who believes deeply in hands-on exploration as a learning tool. She was a curious kid who taught herself an array of handicrafts and research skills. She spent hours investigating topics and reporting on them in her “newspaper.”  Before she had a full house, she spent several years as a brand journalist “curating” resources for business owners, sales teams and technology industry blogs. She’s now using this “curator” experience to educate her three curious kiddos.

Blessed with three intensely curious kiddos who must put their hands in water, slime or some other substance on a regular basis, she’s using curiosity as a foundation for their homeschool. She uses her “curator” experience to help her children develop their skills and quest for knowledge. She has a monthly fine motor and books calendar for the littles and dedicates one day per week to STEAMSDay - a day of “gathering” with her children to explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math. On STEAMSDay, she pulls together all the supplements, science kits, art supplies and big questions for day devoted to critical thinking, collaboration, scientific exploration, artistic expression, real-world math, and technological discovery.

In addition to writing on hands-on learning, Amanda offers encouragement and tips for homeschooling with littles, traveling with kids (without losing your mind) and parenting with heart and hope. You can find her on Instagram at, Facebook at and Pinterest at

Teresa is a wife and busy homeschooling mom. With a passion for writing, she shares the adventures and lessons of her faith, family and homeschool.

Jan L. Burt is a 25-year homeschooling veteran, mother to five children, and has been happily married to her husband Tony for 28 years. She has a Facebook page (All Things Homeschool) where she shares encouragement and videos with her fellow homeschooling moms. Her current ministry roles include youth ministry with her husband (for the last 11 years), leading a weekly women's Bible study, attending a women's Christian leadership meeting of 30 women each week, and working on her Titus 2 discipleship website. She is also the owner/operator of and blogs at She has written for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine and was a product reviewer for TOS for several years. In addition, she is the author of The Homeschooling Mothers Bible Study (available on Amazon) and The Once-A-Year Homeschool Planner (An All-In-One, All-Student, All-Subject Planning System). Her online Bible study site aimed at encouraging Christian women of all walks of life can be found at or on the Titus 2 Discipleship Facebook page. Her newest plans include the launch of a podcast (on her blog & website) in the immediate future.

Amy Butler is a disciple of Christ, the wife of an engineer, mother of three, part time piano teacher and a lover of nature. Writing is where all of her passions come together as she struggles to find the WRITE Balance.

Jeanette is a semi-retired college English and Spanish instructor and a published author and indie authorpreneur. She has helped over a dozen beginning writers take their project from idea to finished book. Now she is developing online courses and expanding her website and blog to take new authors from aspiring to avid. Declaring herself as “Chaplin by birth; chaplain at heart,” she also writes inspirational articles and blog posts, especially about the lives of Bible women.

Her blogs can be found at and

Meredith Curtis, homeschooling mom of five amazing children, writes, speaks, and loves to encourage families in their homeschooling adventure. She is the author of American Literature & Research ( ), HIS Story of the 20th Century ( ), Communication 101 ( ), and Joyful and Successful Homeschooling ( ). You can check out her curriculum, unit studies, high school courses, and Bible studies at ( ). Free Reading Lists ( ) for all ages are available at ( ). Read her blogs at ( ) and ( ) and listen to her at Finish Well Radio ( ).

My name is Betty Daley. I am a wife, mother, and homeschooling teacher. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 24 years and we have six children. I have been homeschooling for 20 years. Our older three have graduated The Daley Academy, and we continue to homeschool our younger three. We love sharing about our homeschooling adventures. Our family motto is “Do all to the glory of God”. We pray that we can encourage others as we give you a look into our lives.

Rebbecca Devitt is the author of Why on Earth Homeschool: The Case for Christian Homeschooling. Rebbecca is a Christian wife and mother of one gorgeous, chubby baby boy. She loves Jesus and loves homeschooling. To read more of Rebbecca's posts, head to How Do I Homeschool.

Hi, I’m Jen, a “retired” homeschool mom with 13 years of homeschooling under my belt. I love to help homeschoolers and educators of all kinds find great curriculum and learn more about educating our kids! I teach Oral Communication as an adjunct instructor, I’m a freelance writer, and I write and sell curriculum at History at Home at TeachersPayTeachers & Boom Learning. When I’m not working, I’m spending time with family!

Follow me on PinterestFacebook, and Instagram, and my Blog!

Kristin Dunn is a mommy by day and a blogger at Peppermints and Cherries [] by night. She has a B.S. and M. Ed. in Elementary Education and has teaching experience in both the traditional classroom and as a distance learning instructor. She currently teaches piano and voice lessons in her home studio. When she’s not teaching or blogging, she’s often trying a new recipe, organizing a closet, or entertaining her two little munchkins.

Heather Eberlin is a married mother of four children, ranging in age from seven to twenty-six. She is currently homeschooling her two youngest children and has felt called to share her journey in order to encourage others. She is an amateur gardener who is amazed at the things that God’s creation reveals when you take the time to pay attention to it. You can follow her at Musings from My Garden  or download her free Homeschool Organizational Forms here.


A veteran with 16 years of experience, Carol writes with a practical look at the whole journey of home education. She spent the years with her daughters focused on experienced based education and frugal ways to teach and learn well. Her writing offers encouragement that anyone, even working moms, can homeschool successfully. Carol writes for her local newspaper, the Homeschooling with Heart Blog, and other outlets. You can find her love of nature, field trips, and lifelong learning on her blog: Home Sweet Life. Follow along on their adventures on Instagram.

Suzanne Faust currently lives with her family in South Korea. A former teacher and current homeschool mom, Suzanne blogs at about faith, homeschooling, travel, and gluten free cooking. She has also published some Bible curriculum and family devotionals available on Amazon.

Abi (a little bit crazy) Frazee, is a sort of newish, homeschooling momma with three little crazy Frazees. Abi, her husband, Justin & kiddos reside in the mountains of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and enjoy spontaneous field trips. Abi has a BA in Early Childhood Education, a MS in Special Education, and is a Certified Labor Doula; she uses her education, with past and present experiences to cultivate a love of learning & sharing. Love, Learn, Have Faith, Smile (& drink coffee!)

Christine Gauvreau is a wife, a mother and a writer who is ever grateful to God for calling her to homeschool. In addition to teaching her own children at home, she teaches creative writing to other homeschoolers in a co-op setting, as well as through lessons she designed for Schoolhouse Teachers. Christine shares some of her creative ideas, along with stories about her family’s homeschooling journey at Rubytree Academy.

Memoirist Regina Cyzick Harlow was in the Old Order Horse and Buggy Mennonite church and allowed only a formal eighth-grade education. She landed her first paid writing gig at the Daily News~Record in Harrisonburg, VA with just the general education diploma she earned as a young adult. She and her family live and homeschool in Virginia.

Regina co-founded the Sadie Rose Foundation with her husband, a non-profit organization providing peer support for those grieving the death of a child. There she has spent twelve years creating newsletter content and workshops, empowering grievers to more clearly communicate their suffering and helping supporters become better friends. She manages the family website at

Kristi Hertzog was a public high school teacher for 17 years. Now she shares her love of learning by homeschooling her three youngest daughters. Kristi,who is strongly passionate about all things education,blogs for the co-op program her daughters attend. This wife and mother of four daughters has faced numerous medical challenges. From battling debilitating Postpartum Depression to spending four months hospitalized due to complications from the flu, Kristi found purpose in the storm by sharing her story. She had the honor of sharing her personal story on the TEDx stage and writes about her life on her blog, Mom Battles- On her blog, Kristi also shares how strongly she believes in advocating for others. As the Founder and Executive Director of Coming Home with Grace, a Nonprofit 501c3 Organization, Kristi and her team are on a mission to help people live with the grace and dignity they deserve through custom home renovations and community projects. She has spent the past 14 years advocating for her own daughter, Camryn Grace, a teenager with Autism and an Intellectual Disability and the inspiration behind Coming Home with Grace. Kristi graduated with a B.S. in Secondary Education/English/Communication from La Salle University and an M.S. in Education from Villanova University. Currently, Kristi is enrolled at Drexel University for certification in Nonprofit Management.

My name is Kari (pronounced Carrie). I am a mommy first and foremost to three crazy little girls and one sweet little boy AND I home educate them ( most of them )…  I am a stay at home Mama which means I NEVER ever stop working. Then there is my sweet husband, the LEO, Law Enforcement Officer. I love food and all things SOUTHERN! Born and raised in the South I feel a bit lost up here in the northern Midwest, (Iowa) but we are making it work!

Jenna Holder is a SAHM of four littles, two of which are homeschooled. She's a devoted wife and christian. She spends her time, reading, writing and being an active member of her church. Follow along with her chaotic life at  for encouragement on experiencing the peace of God.


Hi! Laura here, enjoying writing, crafting, baking and outdoor time with my kiddos! Growing up in East TN, I am drawn to the mountains and anything with trees and woods. I am a novice gardener and enjoy experimenting with what will grow in our area. Speaking of, my little family of 4 currently lives right outside Atlanta, GA with our coonhound Dixie. My daughter Olivia (9 years old) and I have incorporated a side business into our school time, making kits for families to get back to hands-on craft time! I look forward to sharing some of our craft ideas and other creative thoughts with you!

Link to our facebook page:

*This is a public group that should be available in the facebook search bar when typing: Kit


I’m a proud wife that spontaneously serenades her husband in public. I’m a cool mom that has dance battles with her children.  I’m the keep it real friend that doesn’t tell your business.  I’m also the lady that cries actual tears while watching romantic comedies and reading books.  If you’re a homeschool teacher that enjoys a quick “I totally understand” moment in between subjects and chores, then we just became best friends.  I’m a proud believer, living a balanced life where taking care of my family is my ministry!  Blog: Marriage, Motherhood, and Makeup


Heidi Kinney is a freelance writer from Massachusetts. She has been homeschooling her children since 2007. She shares homeschool resources and lessons at, and inspiration for runners at

After a 20-plus year career in politics and government, my life took a turn and I became a homeschooling gramma to our energetic and adventurous grandson EJ. There is nothing we like better than loading up our car and hitting the road to see what we can see. As my girls have always said, “Mom says everywhere is on the way to somewhere,” so we love to take detours along our route. You find some of the best places that way!

We keep busy reviewing homeschool products, visiting small town (and not so small town) diners and cafes, museums, National Parks, hotels, and campgrounds.

EJ and I (Miss Kimmy to my friends) love to share our adventures with you here on Vintage Blue Suitcase.

My name is Maria Magdalena, I live in a coastal remote area of Indonesia with my teenage son and a lovely husband. We like to travel. I believe we will take more advantages by traveling. I write my homeschooling tips and journal at my blog Living Ideas (, and sometimes I make printables to share with my blog's readers. I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to share about homeschooling with The Old Schoolhouse® readers.

Diana Malament homeschooled three children over a span of 27 years. She homeschooled with financial limitations, and when times were less difficult. She has homeschooled through many good times and many challenging times. Diana hopes to encourage you on your homeschool journey.

Dr. Jeanette Moore is a certified educator in New York, Vermont, Connecticut and South Carolina. She is an established author and frequently contributes to magazines and lesson compilations, including The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Spider Magazine, Highlights for Children, and the lesson guide for the National Fragile X Association. Jeanette has published math games for Nasco, including the P.E.M.D.A.S. Color Code. She also writes math and science books for Nomad Press, as well as workbooks for Carson Dellosa Publishing. Jeanette is a member of the International Dyslexia Association and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. She is the mother of little Maya Jillian.


Steph has been building businesses, mostly from home, for over 10 years, motivated by her strong determination that her two youngest boys would be educated at home. Now, she coaches entrepreneurs to start and grow their business from home. Her and her family are all comfortably nestled in the trees in Central Ontario. She loves being a home-body and building up her permaculture property. Learn more about Steph at

Molly Nickles is a homeschooling mom of 2. She has been homeschooling since 2013 mixing Classical Conversations and a Charlotte Mason approach. Molly's husband, Ben, was homeschooled k-12. She isn't new to the game, but man has it changed in the past 30 years! She also works year-round as a commercial and wedding photographer.

Julie Polanco is a veteran homeschooling mom of 16+ years and the author of God Schooling: How God Intended Children to Learn and 100 Ways to Motivate Kids. You can receive a FREE chapter of her book by going to

Danielle is a former classroom teacher turned “work-from-home” and homeschooling mother of two. She now spends her days teaching her children, reading numerous books, and sharing her gifts with others. She blogs about her adventures at Confessions Of A Fairy Tale Mom.

Welcome to My Happy Homeschool! My name is Susan Reed and my heart's desire is to encourage the homeschool mom to live out God's calling and stay the course.

We begin this life not knowing where it will take us.  There are dreams and hopes and desires.  There is an expectation of where life will lead but too often that falls by the wayside of what becomes our reality.  It is then we must make new dreams and hopes and desires.  I am a single working mom of four who feels called to write and to homeschool.    There are times I have lifted my voice up to God to question the whys and what for, the how and yet in the quiet He just says, “trust me.”  In times of need He has opened doors that should not have even been there.

My “a work in progress” blog

Rachel Ann Rogish is a freelance writer, excited to give back to quality home education and promoting a creative-ministry life-style. When she is isn’t writing, you can find her learning the domestic arts, reading a good book, exploring nature, and reporting for the Cape May County Herald Newspaper.

Carole Ruffin is wife to Jesse and mom of five wonderful kids. She's the author of Kids, Crayons, and Christ early elementary art curriculum, and also a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art. She blogs about practical ways to include art in every subject, and also creative ways to teach older kids when you have a new baby. Here’s her blog:


Joleen Steel is the curriculum specialist for Camping Stick Kids. She has a B.A. in elementary education. She taught public school for ten years before deciding to open her own music studio and homeschool her boys. Joleen is a pastor’s wife and grew up as a pastor’s kid. Her love for the good news of Jesus Christ flows out of her and into the camping stick kids curriculum. Her easy style and creative approach to teaching will encourage your student to learn the Gospel story and be able to share the good news with their friends and family. Joleen would love to have you visit the camping stick kids website and blog. Come say hi at  and

Kimberly is a wife, homeschooling mom of 3, Pinterest maven, online entrepreneur, and blogger at Mom In The GO Lane. You can usually find her sipping on a hot (or cold) cup of Chai Latte and snuggling with her two bunnies. She's passionate about encouraging stay at home moms to pursue their dreams while creating balance in the home with purpose and grace. Learn more about Kimberly on her blog Mom In The GO Lane.

Marla Szwast lives in Marietta, Georgia with her husband and six children. She has written articles for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  She is the author of Stepping Through History: Starting With You!, and a semester long fifth grade science course. Both courses are published online at Schoolhouse Teachers membership website.  She writes about home schooling, child development, neuroscience, and the history of education on her blog at:, you can also follow her on Facebook @jumpintogenius, or Twitter @MarlaSzwast, or Medium.

Lisa Tanner is a homeschooling mom of nine. She loves writing about balancing diapers and deadlines, and ways to make learning fun.

Rebekah Teague is the homeschooling mama to one busy and beautiful boy. She is married to The Muffin who is a pastor and a really great guy. In her spare time she can be found with a book and a cup of tea. She blogs at There Will Be A $5 Charge For Whining


‘’Noah Tetzner is a lifelong homeschooling advocate and student who enjoys sharing his love of history and writing with homeschooling students and families all over the world. He is the host of a popular podcast called The History of Vikings which features discussions about Vikings, Norse myth, and the history of Medieval Scandinavia. Each week, Noah is joined by an acclaimed scholar and the podcast regularly features professors from Oxford, Yale, and Cambridge University. Most recently, Noah has launched a new podcast called Lessons from a Homeschooler where he is joined by experts across the homeschooling world to discuss topics such as history, literature, and education. ‘’

Jenny is a wife to her amazing husband of 17 years and stay-at-home momma to 4 kids with another on the way.  She blogs at where she is learning that blessings aren’t always convenient.


I am a stay-at-home mom who loves God, and couldn't thank Him enough for His blessings. I have a great husband and five little ones. I have one girl and four boys, ages, 7, 5, 3, 2, and 5 weeks old. We spend our days homeschooling and trying to stay on top of the household duties. I enjoy baking with my children. And playing the piano whenever I get a free moment.


My blog is called: Called to be a Christian Mommy.

I am a 36 year old mom of 3 beautiful children. My husband and I adopted our 3 children from foster care. We live in Kentucky, but live to vacation anywhere with a beach. I taught public school for 12 years before stopping to homeschool my children. I am a Christian.


"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).