The Curriculum understands the challenges and joys of homeschooling and has created a comprehensive resource to help parents teach Every Subject. Every Grade. Every Student.

With over 400 course options for preschool through high school, homeschooling parents can choose to design their own plan or have it all laid out for them at no extra charge. The full curriculum covers core subjects, including Bible classes, Language Arts, Math, Science, History, Finance, Geography, Civics/Government, and Social Studies, as well as a wide range of electives like foreign languages, Fine Arts, PE, Forensic Science, Music, Health, Home education, and Fitness. provides lesson plan checklists for every course, printable certificates to celebrate and document course completion, unit studies, and holiday/seasonal resources for when parents want to change things up a bit. The grade-level digital School Boxes provide downloadable curriculum guides to walk parents and their students through a fully planned academic year of learning.

In addition to the comprehensive curriculum, members have access to complimentary resources through licensed partnerships, such as World Book Online, Applecore Recordkeeping System, RightNow Media (25,000 unlimited streaming videos), and the option to join a local Church Schoolhouse for in-person classes without enrollment fees. recognizes that every student has unique learning needs. That's why it offers resources for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners and Focused Learning Centers that provide extra guidance in teaching reading, math, science, and more. A special needs component is also available at no additional charge.

Membership also includes international access to virtual student activities when available, such as Storytime and Show-and-Tell, the National Academic Homeschool Competition, the Art and Photography Fair, the Talent Showcase, the Science Fair, and Graduating Senior Recognition.

Members have full access to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine quarterlies, the Schoolhouse SmartMama™ Planner, the High Schooler’s individual Schoolhouse Planner, Just for Parents resources, an eBook library, Hey, Mama! Bright Spot interactive chats, Members Lounge webinar events, and access to Mentor Moms by appointment. All of this is free to members. invites homeschool parents to join its active Facebook community page and experience its individualized customer service, which is available by phone, chat, or email.

Families love using for the following reasons:

  • All curriculum in one place, from Preschool to Graduation
  • Bible-based lessons that are unafraid to credit the Creator
  • Perfect for Church Schoolhouses (co-ops) and group learning
  • Lesson plans and digital School Boxes take the work out of choosing and pacing the material while providing flexibility for families to change coursework as desired and without limit
  • No Common Core 
  • No revisionist history (the agenda-driven modern rewriting of history)
  • Lots of extras that don't cost extra
  • Friendly, knowledgeable live customer service/parent support allows families to give their children the gift of a quality, Christian education. And the curriculum dovetails with The Schoolhouse Network because it’s a centralized platform. The families in every Church Schoolhouse (homeschool co-op) are all on the same page, using the same textbooks, workbooks, tests, quizzes, answer keys, videos, and other tools.