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The Pastor Plan Initiative (PPI) is available to speak at your church or conference about the importance of a Christian education and how the local church is the solution to the public school problem.
Join Paul Suarez, the Publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, as he presents a groundbreaking solution to the crisis facing Christian families in the church today. In this thought-provoking and transformative talk, Paul introduces The Pastor Plan Initiative (PPI), a nonprofit, grassroots organization dedicated to partnering with Christian state homeschool organizations and evangelical churches worldwide to establish thriving educational communities within local churches. Discover how the PPI - at no charge to the church leadership or its board - empowers pastors and church leaders to establish and maintain their own homeschooling ministries within their churches, providing comprehensive curriculum and support to families seeking a Christ-centered education and discipleship for their children. 
With alarming statistics from George Barna and the Pew Report revealing that 87% of Christian kids abandon their faith after graduating from the public school system, it is clear that the "fruit" of our current educational system is leading us to lose the next generation to the world. 
However, there is hope! As the fastest-growing form of education, homeschooling is witnessing an unprecedented exodus of families leaving the state schools, creating a unique opportunity for the local church to become a beacon of hope and a "place to land" for these families.
A “Schoolhouse” or homeschool co-op as a ministry of the local church is the answer. Don't miss this chance to learn how your church can be at the forefront of this movement, making a lasting impact on the lives of children, families, and communities for generations to come. Find out, too, how you might serve as a director or facilitator at one or more local “Schoolhouses” in your area. Fill out the form here to receive a call back. Or email Paul Suarez at: publisher @