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Top Ways to Banish Homeschool Burnout

homeschool burnout
  Are you struggling with feelings of anxiety and fatigue in your homeschool? You’re not alone. The month of February is famously known as the “homeschool burnout” month. You gave it your all for the first 4 months of the school year, and then the Christmas season brought a refreshing break. January presented itself with

You’re Doing Great

feel like you're failing
  I really had a whole other post planned out. I was going to wax eternal about the unique homeschool culture and how to maintain a healthy attitude when confronted by your own insecurities. It was going to be AWESOME. But…the more I wrote, the harder I was able to take myself seriously. Sometimes, it’s
educational aspects of monopoly
  February 6th marks the 85th anniversary since the beloved game Monopoly was first sold in stores.  However, the earliest known version of Monopoly was entitled The Landlord’s Game. It was first patented in 1904, by Elizabeth Magie. The idea behind The Landlord’s Game was to show the impact of economic rent, economic privilege, and

Hey Mama Monday: You Are a Princess, Mama

hey mama
  Hey Mama, “The Great Race” has its own special meaning to us Mamas who look at the clock in wonderment; how on earth is it already time for dinner? Or bedtime? Where did the time go? Who took away the daylight? We are squishing all these hours in the best we can, yet the

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