Seize the Moment

  The thrill is gone. The new has worn off the new school year. For some of us, the new way of educating has lost its luster. It’s not only the time of year, but it may also be the way we are teaching our children that is tarnishing the excitement of learning. I was
  Hey Mama,   I ask myself this question often: “When will I ever get to homeschool the way I want to?” I’d be the best homeschool teacher if it weren’t for (fill in the blank: difficult interruptions/difficult finances/difficult children/friends who do it better/spouses who aren’t supportive, etc.). Should I give up if I can’t

To Get What We Need

  In your home, who is the resident authority on etiquette? Who says “Sit up straight,” “Don’t talk with food in your mouth” or “Please, chew with your mouth closed,” “Lower your voice” or “Use indoor voices!” “Say please, and say thank you,” “No hitting,” “No pinching,” “Don’t fuss,” “Use your words.” “Comb your hair
  I have to admit, I didn’t use online homeschool curriculum for new homeschoolers when I started homeschooling. That’s because there really wasn’t any. Hey, at that time, Google wasn’t even a thing! I used educational CD-ROMs like Reader Rabbit and Where is Carmen San Diego?  to spice things up a bit now and then.

Where Can You Find TOS Magazine?

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).