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Homeschooling My Own Little Women

little women
  My mother passed her worn copy of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott to me. I read it many times delighting over Meg’s twins, feeling frustrated with Amy’s selfishness, and sobbing when Beth died. I loved Marmee’s gentle nature, the dramas acted out in the attic, and the friendship with Laurie and his grandfather.

Ants on a Log

ants on a log
  Raise your hand if you know what Ants on a Log is, and better yet, raise your hand if you have eaten the classic snack. Did you know there is a National Ants on a Log Day?! The second Tuesday in September is the big day; for 2019 it falls on Tuesday, September 10!

Nature Study: Sprouting an Avocado Pit in a Pot

avocado pit
  About two years ago, my children and I started an avocado tree by putting a pit in a jar with water, suspended with toothpicks. You can read about that here. We had tried sprouting avocado pits this way before, once with success (until my cat ate the plant). Most of the time, though, they
homeschool online
  Parents who choose to homeschool their children believe in the importance of quality education, but they may not have much money to spend on it. Many couples give up a second income so that one parent can stay home full-time and teach the kids. Such families are always in search of affordable homeschool online.

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