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  Before I was a mother, I never imagined I’d hear myself say these things, but surprisingly, they did come from my mouth: “Sweetie, please get your toe out of the baby’s mouth.” “Why are you putting noodles in my sock?” “Son, don’t pick your nose with the lizard’s tail!” ME: “What are you doing?”

Homeschool Burnout, Bedlam, and Balance

homeschool burnout
  For many homeschooling families, getting back into the swing of homeschooling after a holiday is a challenge. Throw in a pandemic, and returning to ‘normal’ becomes even more of a challenge. Are you overwhelmed by the thought of getting back on schedule, or are you someone who does much better with schedules and you

Wear Your Motherhood Capes Proudly

  By definition, a superhero is an exceptionally skillful or successful person.  We, as a society, take it to mean anyone who steps up and does what is needed in times of adversity or emergency.  Superheroes can be found in all walks of life.  They don’t have to be just limited to medical professionals, the

Winter Books for Homeschool Families

winter books for homeschool
  Gather around the fire and snuggle up with these captivating winter books that the whole family can enjoy. Be sure to have your hot cocoa prepared as you cozy up and read these stories with your family. Are there little ones in your home? We have a compilation of winter-themed picture books galore. From

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