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Homeschooling Through the Hard Times

homeschooling hard times
  Let me begin by saying that I hope you never need this information. Homeschooling through a family emergency, medical crisis, or other hardship isn’t something I’d wish on anyone. However, if you find yourself in that position, here’s how to homeschool through hard times.   Homeschooling When Life Is Tough We all have bad

Creating A Gorgeous Homeschool Spring Garden

homeschool garden
  I’m going to be open and upfront here…I don’t like winter!  I’m sitting here right now watching it snow and thinking, man, I’m ready for spring and planting my garden. How about you?  It’s been so cold and nasty out that my kids are playing inside, and quite frankly, they’re going stir crazy.  What’s
homeschool socialization
  We all want our kids to grow up with good social skills. But sometimes the best way to increase these skills is not by hanging out with large groups of other kids. During winter, you may have fewer activities outside the home, or your homeschool co-ops and groups may have cancelled or postponed social
hey mama
  Our youngest is now an active ten-year-old. He can’t sit still while doing book work. His body has to move. The chairs have to move (rock, shuffle, and fall over). The pencil has to fly. His body and hands and feet have to move. His mouth has to make noises. It can be exasperating

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