The Pastor Plan Initiative (PPI)

The Pastor Plan equips churches to reclaim education as a vital part of discipleship, offering a Christ-centered alternative to secular schooling that undermines the spiritual formation of young believers.

Our mission:
  • Champion K-12 education with a strong Biblical worldview
  • Partner with evangelical pastors to inspire Christ-centered education
  • Help churches offer faith-oriented schooling alternatives in cooperation with their state homeschool organizations for added support

We're committed to:

  • Equipping churches to host and nurture Biblical homeschool communities
  • Seeing young Christian leaders cultivated through faith-based, rigorous education
  • Preparing students to impact their communities for Christ

Our approach:

  • Share the vision of the necessity of Christian education for Christian children with church members and leaders 
  • Offer a ready-to-launch, comprehensive homeschooling program for churches, enabling them to open their doors one or more days per week to homeschoolers
  • Spotlight the new homeschooling ministry for families and invite the surrounding community (outreach)
  • No financial charge to the church

Join us in shaping the next generation of Christian leaders. Your support helps churches embrace this vital ministry, strengthening families and communities through Christ-centered education.

Support The Pastor Plan today and help us bring Biblical education to churches across the nation.

Mission Statement: By networking with church leaders and Christian homeschool organizations, the PPI facilitates effective communication and support for families transitioning from secular schools to faith-based education. It fosters a united front in advancing Christian education as a core mission of the local church.