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Learning geography can be done through a full course curriculum or in a more eclectic style by pouring over resources and lessons from various places. For those of you that have a special knack for creating your own learning material for your children, take in information from various sources and break it down into easy learning steps with age-appropriate Canadian geography worksheets and lessons to customize your child's education. 

In this article, we have compiled an eclectic mix of geography materials. Use this as supplementary material to go along with a curriculum you are following or use as a free-flowing source of material for learning about the various aspects of geography. Review the list of links we have provided below that will supply you with ready-made worksheets, unit study starters, and more for learning and teaching geography. You will find homeschooling help with Canadian geography topics as well as geography subjects around the world. 

What is Geography?

The word geography literally means “earth writing.” It is a scientific field that deals with the study of landforms, oceans, environment, and ecosystems and the interaction of society with their natural surroundings. When we study geography, we are learning about God’s creation and how His human creation (that’s us!) lives within it. 

Geographers (scholars who study geography) explore and study the Earth’s natural environment and human study. In general, the two major fields of geographical study are human geography and physical geography. Let's be scholars and discover the many ways to study geography! 

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Canadian Geography Worksheets and More

In the Explore Geography section of The Canadian Schoolhouse, we have a large collection of articles, some of which include printable PDF’s for your family’s geography learning. You can review all the articles there, but we have pulled out a few to list here that are specific to the land and culture of Canada. 

Geography Courses and Fact Sheets on

Free resources related to geography on the Help Charts page: 

We won’t list every geography course on, but this list provides a few of the courses that we think you’ll find interesting and includes options for large age ranges. Go to the Homeschool Geography Courses page to see the vast selection available to members. You’ll still be able to see the course description pages and access a sample lesson (for some courses) even if you’re not a signed-in member.

Learning about the earth and the people can happen in a variety of different ways and can be one of the easier subjects to customize to your children’s interests. Whether you like to follow a well thought out curriculum or would rather grab the learning opportunities as they come your way, you get to be the guide that customizes your children’s educational journey. 

Mix it up, explore, and experience lands and cultures of today and in the past. Reinforce concepts with Canadian geography worksheets from others, or create custom worksheets specific to your teaching style. Most importantly, discover the most effective ways of instilling a love of learning in your children!


This article has been written by homeschooling staff writers of The Canadian Schoolhouse (TCS). Enjoy more of our content from TCS contributors and staff writers by visiting our Front Door page that has content on our monthly theme and links to all our content sections.

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