Glorious Grand Manan


Grand Manan, New Brunswick, is a picturesque island located off the coast of southern New Brunswick in the Bay of Fundy near the state of Maine. It is not a well-known destination in Canada, and many Maritimers have not even visited. The island is tiny, only 34 km long and 18 km wide at its widest point, but it is not tiny in beauty. It is accessible only by a 90 minute ferry ride, but once you cross the ferry, you are met with unmatched views and a wide variety of hiking trails and sights to discover!



Island History

The first time Grand Manan Island appeared clearly on a map was in 1558, but the first permanent settlement wasn’t established until 1784. In 1817, the United States gave up its claim to Grand Manan and the surrounding islands. There are many shipwrecks in the island's history. As the population of permanent residents grew, the primary industry was (and still is today) fishing. In the early 1900s, a new industry began to become popular on Grand Manan, and that is tourism. During this time, popular authors and artists came in droves to the island to document its “unique majesty” found in its varying geography.


Fishing Industry

While tourism has grown over the years, fishing is still the primary industry for residents of the island. Lobster, herring, scallops, and crab are the most commonly caught fish. There are also some salmon farms in the ocean as well as dulce and clams which can be harvested on the beach. This variety keeps fishermen quite busy throughout the fishing season. There are also many eating establishments that serve locally caught fresh fish for people to enjoy. Fresh fish is the best way to eat fish!




Over the last century or so, tourism has grown on the island as has the opportunities available to tourists. Whale and bird watching, boat tours, hiking trails, beachcombing for sea glass, museums, lighthouses, seafood, and the many beautiful views are a few of the things that bring tourists in and keep them coming back. Grand Manan is full of beautiful trails ranging in their length and difficulty. No matter where you go you are never far from a beach when on the island. Stanley Beach on the north end of the island is a sea glass lovers paradise! You find some every few steps! Any friendly locals will point you in the direction of whatever it is you’re looking for. There are many beautiful churches as well to visit on your vacation if you so choose. If you decide to turn your visit into an overnight stay, there are many beautiful Airbnbs to rent, and there is also the Surfside Motel.



Landscape and Scenery

Enjoy these images of some of the beautiful sights you can see when visiting Grand Manan!



Wherever you are, if you love the outdoors, Grand Manan is a destination for you! Learn more or plan your trip to Grand Manan, New Brunswick today.


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