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Learning from biographies can be as simple as watching a show or reading a book, but there are many different ways to expand the learning potential. You can springboard on to other topics in discussion or worksheets and cover other subjects with related material to focus on writing, spelling, science, etc. The ideal biography learning experience will include the interests of one or more of your family members and incite conversation about the person and places in the story.

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The morning basket learning idea has its foundation in the Charlotte Mason style of education. While only books on various subjects would make up a morning basket from the original intent of Charlotte Mason, you can certainly make your morning basket unique to your family’s educational interests. You can also make your morning basket an afternoon tote or an evening crate . . . or a mix of any time of day or container! For simplicity, we’ll just use the morning basket term to define a place where you combine different learning resources for family social time.

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The best way to get a deep understanding of history and the people that were a part of our history is through living books. Some of the best living books to use for history studies are biographies. History comes alive as you read about someone’s life. Jumping into a biography can make the historical figure and events come to life. Each book will create a connection that will lead to a deeper understanding and memory of them as well.

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