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  Family-Focused Renewing of Your Mind

renewing of your mind


I never wanted to be a hockey mom.

Your kids can bring so many different situations into your life to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. I have been transformed into a hockey mom, drinking coffee at the arena watching my youngest glide, maneuver and race on the ice.

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True Thanksgiving


I have been far from thankful—have you ever felt that way?

Hard things come our way and we lose focus.
Hard people come our way and we lose courage.
Hard times come our way and we lose faith.

We are so far from thankful that we've gone to the other extreme of actually being ungrateful.

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God Homeschooled Me


“I’m thinking of you to homeschool our boys,” my husband told me in early spring 2015. His words brought me tears of joy. God finally gave us a confirmation to homeschool after battling that thought for two years.

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