Your Curious and Creative Family


Everyone has a creative mind—the very young, the very old and every age in between. Being creative, expressing your uniquely creative self, should be a regular part of your life. Encouraging your children to be creative in work and play can also be a hugely rewarding part of your life—not only reinforcing the activities they’ve already showed interest in, but also feeding their natural curiosity with new ideas and actions.

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Cardboard Creativity


We’ve all seen it happen.

Our youngest recently turned 2. We ate cake, played games and opened presents. After the wrapping and tissue paper were strewn about, the kids played excitedly with all the new books and toys ⁠— for about two minutes. After that, they were happier playing with the boxes the toys came in.

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  Hey Mama: Family Summer Activities


Hey, Mama,

Summer is a good time to mix fun and less structured learning. Whether you school year-round or take a break, you'll find some great ideas for summer activities in The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.

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