Provincial and Territorial Homeschooling Resources


Because homeschooling across Canada is defined a bit differently for each region, we’ve provided links to each of the provincial websites that outline the laws. As well,you’ll find links to major homeschooling associations which have resources and services that will support you in educating your children.

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  Canadian Homeschooling Laws


First published on The Canadian Homeschooler, this article is used by permission of the author. One of the very first steps that you need to take when you are considering homeschooling is to become familiar with the laws of your province or territory. Although homeschooling is legal across the country, each province and territory has its own set of rules and requirements to follow—some extremely lax and some fairly regimented (with most falling somewhere in between).

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Vision for Your Homeschool

This month, The Canadian Schoolhouse has focused on giving you information about the homeschool laws in different provinces. I have next-to-no provincial laws to follow here in Ontario, for which I do feel fortunate. (It feels good not to have restrictions or rules hanging over my head, controlling my record-keeping and planning.) However, the minimal provincial requirements do mean that I have to be very self-disciplined in order to ensure that I’m giving my boys a stellar learning experience—at least by my standards.

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