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Working and Homeschooling With Little Kids

My kindergartener and I have been learning about supercentenarians as you can see from his barrage of questions above. Our homeschool at his age consists of reading books, drawing, talking (He is quite a chatterbox!) and watching a lot of videos. It is all very informal–we do not really follow a set curriculum.

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Approaches to Teaching: Loop Your Homeschool Subjects

Loop schooling, loop schedule, and loop subjects are beginning to be hot topic words within homeschool circles. If you don’t know someone using this type of planning, you likely will come across someone soon. Loop schooling is becoming popular, largely because it allows homeschoolers to cover a wider range of topics without stressing about set schedules. For example, if you often get distracted with doing fun family things on Friday’s, anything scheduled for Friday’s is often missed. Loop schooling is one of the approaches to teaching used to avoid the continuous skipping of the same subject matter. There are many different ways to loop your education, and you will need to find what works for your family but here are a few ideas. What is Loop Schooling?

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Homeschooling Planning - Discover Your Family's Style

Successful homeschool planning first starts with the parent. Consider the type of homeschool approach you will take, the time you have to spend on teaching, and the resources you know you want to use. Deciding on these ideas will help you choose the right plan for your homeschool.

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