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The alarm clock goes off at 7 a.m., and I jump out of bed and go out to the gym. This is also my alone time with the Lord before I need to get my family up to start the day. As I run on the treadmill, I read my scripture and marvel in the presence of my glorious Father.

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One of the best advantages of being a homeschool family is being able to just grab the children and go! We can have such a freedom to enjoy life and adventures as a family, and our children will still have their schoolwork done.

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Vision Driven Learning


Learning is a life-long activity.

You likely agree with that as a homeschooler since you’ve taken on the challenge and joy of educating your children. One of our final ‘tasks’ in educating our children is to guide them in the right direction for their post-secondary education and career choices – and ideally instilling in them a love of life-long learning.


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