Provincial and Territorial Homeschooling Laws & Resources

Updated May 2022

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Because homeschooling across Canada is defined a bit differently for each region, we’ve provided links to each of the provincial websites that outline the laws. As well, you’ll find links to major homeschooling associations which have resources and services that will support you in educating your children.


British Columbia

BC Home Educators Association:

BC Government Website:



Alberta Homeschooling Association:

Alberta Home Education Association

Alberta Government Website:



Saskatchewan Home Based Educators:

Saskatchewan Government Website:



Manitoba Association of Christian Home Schools:

Manitoba Association for Schooling at Home:

Manitoba Government Website:



Ontario Christian Home Educators Connection:

Ontario Federation for Teaching Parents:

Ontario Government Website:



The Québec Association for Home Based Education:

Quebec Government Website:


New Brunswick

Home Educators of New Brunswick:

New Brunswick Government Website:


Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Home Education Association:

Nova Scotia Government Website:


Prince Edward Island

PEI Homeschoolers Talk Facebook Page:

Prince Edward Island Christian Home Educators:

PEI Government Website:


Newfoundland and Labrador

Christian Home Educators of the Avalon:

Newfoundland and Labrador Government Website:



Yukon Government Website:

Yukon Home Education Society:


Northwest Territories

NWT Government Website:



Nunavut Government Website: (See page 19 of the Education Act; section 34 outlines exemption from attending public school and requirements.)

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