Companies for Homeschooling in Canada: Curriculum, Family, Home and More

Here you will find Canadian homeschooling curriculum and anything else your family needs and wants? 

These Canada-based companies provide products and services for homeschoolers to serve you in different areas of your life. The tabbed sections below include: 

  • Curriculum options for various subjects
  • Authors and their books
  • Consulting services
  • Colleges and universities
  • Products and experiences for home and family life
  • Organizations serving homeschoolers

Scroll down through each section to learn a bit about what they have for you and then click on over to their site to see all they offer.

These Canadian companies cover various subjects for home education. Scroll down to see what could be your next choice for quality curriculum and courses for your homeschooling life.

  • Christian Roots Canada (history)
  • Bridge the Gap Math 
  • The Mozart Effect (music)
  • Discern to Learn (language arts)
  • Creating History 
  • BCM International Canada (Bible)
  • The Canadian Homeschooler (various)
  • Headphone History
  • Junior Think Tank Academy (Canadian social studies)
  • Online Reading Tutor
  • Mind Growth Education (reading)
  • Kinder Art Club

Research has shown that a person’s worldview is developed between the ages of 18 months and 13 years. By the time a teenager is 14 their worldview is fixed in place. The family is crucial to the worldview formation of children and BCM is here to help parents lead their children toward developing a solid and lasting personal biblical worldview.

Unleash the explorer in you with History Plus! Our video-based learning platform has brought excitement and joy to thousands of families worldwide. Discover our award-winning curriculum designed for students of all ages in science, geography, and history. Say goodbye to boring classes and join the History Plus community today to experience a fun-filled way of learning!

ChristianRoots Canada - the FREE GIANT-HISTORY-BOOK website.
From France, to Britain, to Confederation to...NOW.
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"I swear by this amazing book!"

"…exactly what I have been needing."

"…this was a game changer."

"I believe it saved my son's relationship with mathematics... and quite possibly ours."

Designed to achieve a particular effect, including enhancing intelligence, inspiring creativity or exploring body movement and motion, this series combines up-to-date medical and psychological research in creativity and intelligence to provide a rich listening and learning experience for children.


Find support for your big dreams at Discern To Learn wherever you live. Choose from virtual classes, tutoring, or writing feedback. If you don't see the course you want, create a custom course for you and your friends!


Creating History provides innovative high school courses for both Canadian History and Civics. Developed by a professional educator, these courses are proven to help your son or daughter evaluate challenging concepts within a Christian framework.


The Canadian Homeschooler : helping Canadians connect with each other and with resources to help them on their journey.


Headphone History is an audio history of Canada with stories and legends to make learning fun. It comes with a reproducible workbook for all ages. Flexible and easy to use, it covers elementary curriculum up to and including grade 8.


A self-directed, Canadian program to help develop your child’s critical thinking skills. We take the conventional canon for Social Studies handed down through the generations and catapult it into the Digital Age.


Our Orton-Gillingham based lessons provide structured and sequential training program using a tutorial, practise and mastery-based lessons. Guaranteed grade level comprehension.


Mind Growth Education offers an interactive and fun reading log program that tracks reading progress and teaches about Canada! You'll also find many
useful and relatable educational resources available as digital downloads.

The KinderArt Club is a membership site featuring monthly art lesson plans (for 5-11 year olds), worksheets, drawing lessons, sketchbook starters, art history fun and more. (Developed by an artist, art teacher and homeschooler). Based in New Brunswick, Canada

Every home needs a good collection of books! This is just the spot to see the books and authors that give you the reading materials for every member of your family. Look through these books from Canadian authors and follow their links to discover new favourites and more about the books and the person.

  • Marja Perren - Dasha Flash®
  • Heather Kendall - Highlights of Salvation History
  • Janis Cox - Butterfly Beacons Books
  • Carolyn J. Morris - Railfence Books
  • Janet LoSole - Adventure on a Chicken Bus

At Dasha Flash®, our mission is to inspire children to be the best they can be with kindness as the foundation for learning and living. Dasha Flash® literature teaches important values to expand the minds, hearts and souls of children to lead with compassion within family and community. 

Strengthen your teen’s faith with a Bible survey course, starting with A Tale of Two Kingdoms and accompanying Bible studies. They trace God’s unfolding plan of salvation throughout the Bible. From the beginning of time Satan has tried to prevent God’s plan from succeeding. However Jesus, the promised Seed, became the victor when He died and rose again. 


Janis Cox is a Jesus follower. Her goal is to glorify God. She has written and illustrated two children's books, Tadeo Turtle and The Kingdom of Thrim, a Bible study colouring book, and a new series called Growing through God's Word.

Railfence Books offers delightful children's books. Young and growing readers are captivated by the musicality of the English language. Author Carolyn j Morris enhances a child's curiosity for rural living and farm life. Artist Richard McNaughton's water illustrations perfectly capture the gentle themes.


Embarking on a homeschooling field trip to Central America is stressful enough, but add in perilous bridge crossings, trips to the hospital, and a lack of women’s underwear, and you have the makings of an Adventure by Chicken Bus!

Connect with these professionals for support and expertise to give your children the quality custom education that you can provide.

  • GeerLINKS Educational Therapy and Consulting
  • Slater Consulting (Kolbe certified)

GeerLINKS offers consultations, assessments and educational therapy to support students with learning differences. We address cognitive and perceptual areas including working memory, auditory and visual processing, executive function, and self-regulation. We focus on how to learn, rather than what to learn!


Understand and celebrate your child’s natural way of solving problems, communicating and learning most effectively using age appropriate, scientifically validated, Kolbe assessments. Suited to verbal and non-verbal individuals (age 3+), these results are a game changer!

Explore some of the many options of colleges and universities for homeschool graduates. These institutions value the quality of education that is typical of home educated students and work to attract this demographic to their schools.

  • Nipawin Bible College
  • Trinity Western University


NBC is invaluable for a homeschooler as they transition to adulthood. At Nipawin, homeschoolers land in a supportive space to grow their foundation as a passionate follower of Jesus Christ prior to any vocational specific training.

As Canada’s largest Christian university, Trinity Western University offers 48 undergraduate and 19 graduate degrees. Driven to help students find their passion, prepare for an impactful profession, and fulfill their purpose, TWU is a place where lives are changed. Find all the support and guidance you need to study at TWU.

Look through these listings for a variety of products and services for your family and home life. 

  • Almanzo Wilder Homestead
  • Classical Kids - A Symphony of Stories for all Ages
  • Camp Cherith - located in Barrie, Ontario
  • Mentor Dojo - online martial arts
  • SmoothTalker Home Cellular Boosters

The Almanzo Wilder Homestead in Burke, NY (a short drive from the Canadian border) is the site of Farmer Boy; Laura Ingalls Wilder's 1933 book about her husband's childhood. Explore farm life as it existed in the mid-19th-century. Tour the original Wilder home, reconstructed barns, replica one-room schoolhouse, museum, and 'heritage' kitchen garden! 


The award-winning Classical Kids series introduces children–and adults–to the joys of classical music. A dramatic story, a little bit of history and the world’s best-loved classical music set the scene for these fun-filled musical adventures.

Camp Cherith’s rich and diverse outdoor activities help campers aged 6 – 17 gain self confidence, develop leadership skills and grow socially and spiritually. Our Christian environment is an intentional integration of Biblical values and activity. Customized programs are taught by positive role models in a small group fun atmosphere.


Mentor Dojo is an online kids martial arts program for ages 4 and up that will educate them with life skills, keep them fit, healthy, and confident, while transforming them into a leader who will accomplish any goal they desire. are manufacturers of some of the most advanced and functional cellular signal boosters in the market for home/building and vehicle. SmoothTalker Home Cellular Boosters can assure you stay connected with the fastest data in the most remote areas.

Local and national organizations that provide homeschool resources, support and community to help you live the educational life as a family.

HSLDA is Canada’s most trusted homeschool organization. We advocate for homeschool freedom in our country’s courts and legislatures. Our team of experts provides individualized legal protection and professional homeschool support to help your family flourish.

Laws and Support for Home Education Across Canada


Canada Home Education Rules and Support

Homeschooling across Canada is defined a bit differently for each region. Go to our laws and support directory with links to each of the provincial websites that outline the laws. As well, you’ll find links to major homeschooling associations which have resources and services that will support you in educating your children.



"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).