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The Canadian Schoolhouse Contributors

Get to know the writers of some of the content on The Canadian Schoolhouse. We're proud to have them on our writers' team and have them share their homeschooling life and expertise for homeschoolers. Want to see the articles they've written? Just put their name in the search box near the top of the site.

Amanda and Stéphane Ostrander are two teachers who decided to homeschool. They live in Greater Sudbury, Ontario where they are happily raising their two daughters, Alexie and Zoé. Avid vloggers, they love to share their homeschool journey, support, and learning ideas with other homeschooling families. See what they’ve got for you on their site Raising A to Z.

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Edna Latone is a wife, mother, researcher and people person. She has been Homeschooling for 20+ years and has lived in the Peterborough Area for 31 years. Edna has worked as a Public Library CEO and Volunteer Coordinator. Her husband, John is a licenced minister with the PAOC and his day job is delivering car parts (he loves to tinker). They have 2 adult children and 2 children at home. Edna speaks throughout the province to Homeschooler’s about the amazing resources available at Public Libraries. She also is the developer of the “Homeschool Friendly” certification for businesses and community organizations. Edna has a passion for family, flexible learning and community resources. She brings to all she does, her skills as a teacher of children with learning challenges, music skills, librarianship, a passion for Language Arts and History and a love for teaching others about the exciting world of Home Education.

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Isabelle Baril has two beautiful children, 7-year-old Ayla and 5-year-old Hudson. She has called a few places home across Canada, including Quebec and Ontario, but currently resides, with her husband Devin, in Parkville on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. She has held various roles in the education field, but is currently raising her family and running her business, Mind Growth Education. Her educational achievements include graduating from the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, BC, with a Teaching Degree in Social Studies and Special Education, and obtaining an undergraduate degree in Geography and French from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. She has always had a strong passion for helping others, which led her to her teacher career and starting Mind Growth Education.

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Stephanie Morrison has been building businesses, mostly from home, for over 10 years, motivated by her strong determination that her two youngest boys would be educated at home. She works for The Old Schoolhouse® on the Canadian team, and also coaches entrepreneurs to start and grow their business from home. Her and her family are all comfortably nestled in the trees in Central Ontario. She loves being a home-body and building up her permaculture property. Learn more about Steph at

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Diane is founder and owner of GeerLINKS Educational Therapy, bringing 25 years of educational experience through homeschooling her own 5 children, teaching children with learning disabilities, visual and auditory processing difficulties, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and developmental delays. Diane is passionate about helping kids learn, developing their strengths and improving their weaknesses. She loves to share her passion with others, has spoken at many conferences across Canada, and resides in Ontario.

Joleen Steel is a Canadian who spent her summers at Arlington Beach, Saskatchewan. Joleen currently lives in Warrenville IL with her husband and youngest son. Joleen teaches kindergarten at a Charlotte Mason inspired Christian school. She writes for all three of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine publications and has published several short stories for children. Joleen is the executive director for Go to her website to find out how you can hold camp in your own backyard!

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"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).

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