The Canadian Schoolhouse Vision and History

Our mission: As the Canadian division of The Old Schoolhouse®, we are dedicated to supporting Canadian families both spiritually and academically as they impact their world for Christ.

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Our desire: Homeschooling in Canada is filled with unique opportunities and challenges. Our desire at The Canadian Schoolhouse (TCS) is to produce high-quality, biblically-based publications and practical resources for the home educator. Our wish is to strengthen, support and encourage families throughout all the provinces.

Our vision: It can be difficult to find appropriate resources and support when you homeschool in Canada. The country is vast, and each province has its own unique homeschooling rules and regulations. At The Canadian Schoolhouse, we seek to provide specific solutions to support all Christian homeschooling families in Canada so that parents can relax and cherish the time they are given with their children at home.

  • TCS is the Canadian portal to The Old Schoolhouse® resources.
  • TCS provides specific solutions that support Canadian homeschooling families.
  • TCS creates resources that meet the unique needs of Christian Canadian families who wish to homeschool their children.
  • TCS includes a unique space for Canadian parents and youth to share and publish their experiences and family lifestyle.

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Our History

The Canadian division of The Old Schoolhouse® was started in 2018 to offer more support and resources on homeschooling specific to Canadian families. With content in subjects such as geography, history, cooking and general family life, The Canadian Schoolhouse encourages families in their homeschooling journey in various ways:

  • On social media, to personally impact others through sharing and conversation. 
  • Broadcasting bi-weekly live streams on Facebook and YouTube about homeschooling topics, often with special guests. 
  • Building a growing collection of Canadian companies who provide homeschoolers with products and services on our Canada Companies page. 
  • Creating weekly emails to encourage and inspire families on a variety of topics. 
  • Publishing website content created on monthly themes and published on our Themes page and in content categories (Life of Home Learners, Creator Corner, Explore Geography, History Buffs, and Family Food Time).

The Old Schoolhouse® has been around since 2001 and began as a small quarterly print magazine. Today The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is released digitally every quarter. Each issue is packed full of advice, resources, and encouragement for homeschoolers. Read free at or download the free TOS App at

The Old Schoolhouse® was started by Paul and Gena Suarez. They believe that a Christian homeschooler’s “core curriculum” is far from “common.” It’s an education built on faith in the Lord; lots of love, affection, and conversations; and a profound understanding that a child is a special individual, called to greatness, highly valued as a tender heart to be brought up in the love and admonition of the Lord. 

The Canadian Schoolhouse team is delighted to extend this through content and support from Canadian homeschoolers to Canadian homeschoolers as they pursue education that is built on faith and helps them be stronger as a family.

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