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Everyday Explorers: Canada


This is one of the lessons of the 11-month (suggested) course Everyday Explorers: Canada on This course is great to do with a big range of ages as different activities are included for different age groups. LOTS of content is provided to thoroughly explore each province and many creative and engaging activities are provided to make learning fun and interesting for each of your kids.

You can download the PDF of this course where you’ll have an excellent lesson to go over with your children. Below you can read through the section that covers two days of an adventure in New Brunswick. You’ll definitely want to get the download though so you can use all the additional activity sheets and ‘exploration’ part of the lesson.


Course Information

Each Everyday Explorers: Canada homeschool geography unit leads students through exploring one of the territories or provinces of Canada. Each week is divided into two parts:

Days One through Four: Study various locations within a specific host region.

Day Five: Record some of the information discovered by creating charts (logs) that are used at the end of the unit.

Don’t miss the Campfire Stories throughout the year. Each is filled with games, worksheets, recipes, and more to help homeschool students review all the amazing places they have explored!

So, grab a map and an adventurer’s spirit and get started!


New Brunswick – Days One & Two

The Chocolate Museum, Day One

I hope you brought your sweet tooth along on this trip, because we are going to get to try samples of one of my favorite foods in all the world—chocolate!

We’re going to stop by The Chocolate Museum when it opens in 1999 in the town of St. Stephen. It is housed in the original home of the Ganong candy factory. We’ll see how chocolate was made, watch the hand dippers create edible art, and discover all sorts of things about Canada’s Chocolate Town!

So, come on with me as we check out the sweetest place I know!

If you want to see what is going on at The Chocolate Museum today, check out

The notebooking pages in your New Brunswick Explorer Pack (found below lesson two) will guide you through the next two days of our expedition!


Explore More

The year 1999 was a sweet year for the residents of St. Stephen; their very own chocolate museum opened. What else was in the news in 1999? Do a little research and choose which headline is from 1999. Write an article about it in your Explorer Pack.

a) Tuskegee Institute is founded by Booker T. Washington, who became its first principal.

b) The American women’s team wins the Women’s World Cup soccer competition, which is held in the United States for the first time.

c) London, England, hosts the Olympics for the third time in history.

d) The Revenue Marine Service, which became the Revenue Cutter Service, combines with the United States Lifesaving Service to form the United States Coast Guard.


The Chocolate Museum, Day Two

What a delicious way to spend a day!

I don’t think I have room for one more piece of chocolate! Then again, maybe if I just wait a few minutes, I’ll have room for just one more piece!

No, you’re right, I should stop now. I did have several pieces while I was inside!

It’s just smells so good inside, and everywhere you turn, there’s something about chocolate staring back at you!

And we got to hear so many neat stories while we were inside. Like the fact that the Ganong business has only had four presidents since it was started in 1873, and all four men have been part of the Ganong family! Or, that the Ganong candy company was the first candy company to use a heart-shaped box in North America for selling chocolates!

You know, I’m sure glad the Ganongs didn’t stay with some of their original business plans. When they decided they needed to specialize and sell something none of their competitors was selling, they tried a number of different things—including fresh oysters! I don’t know about you, but when it comes to choosing between fresh oysters and chocolate, I’ll choose chocolate every time!


Explore More

Use the pages from your Explorer Pack to help you complete these activities.


Grades K-2

Draw a picture of the world’s largest chocolate bar. How many people do you think it would take to eat it?


Grades 3-6

Learn a little bit about the history of chocolate and write a short essay about what you discover. Be sure to answer these questions:

  • When was chocolate “discovered”?
  • Where do cocoa beans grow?
  • How many pounds of cocoa beans does it take to make one pound of chocolate?


Grades 7-12

Find a recipe that uses chocolate and cook up a treat for your family! For an added challenge, try to use chocolate in more than one recipe!

. . . So which headline did you pick in our Explore More section? I hope you picked “b)” The American women’s team wins the Women’s World Cup soccer competition, which is held in the United States for the first time. I bet they were really excited!


**New Brunswick Explorer Pack Pages Below

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