WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Police Officer


Do they know what it takes to become a police officer? They will now! Gain a better understanding of a career in law enforcement on everything  from uniforms and salaries and everything in between!


Whether playing cops and robbers in the backyard or watching real-life law enforcement television shows, children today are often exposed to police officers.

The question is do they really understand what they do?
Do they know what it takes to become a police officer?
Do they understand the many aspects of solving crimes?
They will now!
The Old Schoolhouse® is pleased to introduce
another title in the WannaBe Series

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be . . .
A Police Officer

Children, and adults, will gain a better understanding of the many facets of a career in law enforcement as this multi-age unit study sheds light on everything from uniforms and salaries, to fingerprinting and DNA.

Designed for children from ages 4 through 10, this incredible, downloadable eBook includes all the information you need to learn more about the very admirable occupation of the police officer as the whole family, regardless of age, learns together.

This study reveals occupational information from the real life of an assistant chief working for a large school district in Texas. Be enlightened as he explains the need for police departments for larger school districts and exactly why they are important.

So many questions will be answered in this study! Learn along with your children:

  • What exactly is a police department for a school district and why is it necessary?
  • How does Assistant Chief Carnes start his workday and what does he do?
  • Is everything on a police uniform important and what is most important?
  • Why is communication between officers important and how is it accomplished?
  • Are there Scriptures about police officers and what they do?
  • How does someone become a police officer? What do they get paid?
  • What makes writing, math, and sound judgment important skills essential to police work?

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Police Officer includes activities to help your child recall information along with writing assignments for various situations a police officer often finds himself or herself in.

Do you love science activities? You will find them here! Enjoy a mystery as you learn about fingerprinting and even study a few prints taken using soap or with an ink pad and paper. Check out DNA testing and extract actual DNA using the included DNA experiment, right in your kitchen! Learn more about the technologies being used for methods of identification through video links and included vocabulary lists. Read about three scientists who contributed to the effectiveness of police work.

  • Complete a science vocabulary list.
  • Unscramble words in a word scramble.
  • Review what you’ve learned with a fill in the blanks worksheet.
  • Perform math calculations pertaining to police work.
  • Finish a story using a word bank.
  • Enjoy a word search and a crossword puzzle.
  • Complete 10 copywork pages in print and cursive.
  • Practice handwriting with 9 more pages in print and cursive.
  • Add vibrant color to coloring pages.
  • Practice a police officer phrase using finger spelling in American Sign Language.
  • Learn suggested memory verses from the Bible.
  • End the unit with fantastic themed party ideas to celebrate all you have learned as you make handcuffs, take fingerprints, make a jail and play Cops and Robbers!
  • Choose from games involving a scavenger hunt, observation skills, smells, a police chase and more—all related to the theme of police work!

Included resource lists provide books for further reading and Internet links expand on the study with video clips and additional information, while pages of copywork, worksheets, math problems and science experiments provide tremendous educational value.

Learn together with your children as you gain even more respect for the peace keeping task of your local police officer. Have a great time marking the completion of the study with a police car or magnifying glass cake instructions are included!

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. (Matthew 5:9)

You can help your children explore career options and reach their goals as your entire family learns together with the When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Police Officer E-Book!


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