WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Farmer


Discussing the care of the garden of Eden is a tremendous place to introduce your children to the world of farming God’s green earth and the grand vocation of farming! Perfect for all ages, buy your copy today!


Discussing the care of the garden of Eden is a tremendous place to introduce your children to the world of farming God’s green earth. From there, it is easy to cultivate an understanding of the grand vocation of farming!

Perhaps they enjoy playing in their own backyard, have visited a local ranch or grower’s co-op, or have been to a real-life family farm an understanding of all it takes to be a farmer is on its way!

To support educational pursuits for your children, The Old Schoolhouse® presents
an earth-friendly title in the WannaBe Series

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be . . .a Farmer

The virtual gaming world has presented many versions of farming today, with several Internet-based farm communities to choose from. With a click of a button, virtual farming has become very popular. Now it is time to make it real!

Go digging with your children . . . into the lives of a couple of real-life farming families!

Learn from the Graff family of South Texas as they share about life on their farm.

  • Be amazed when you see how much effort they put into an agricultural project shared with the public for only two months of the year.
  • Better understand the definition of agriculture and all it entails including science, art, and business.
  • Learn how the terms direct-market, chemical-free, and row crops relate to farming.
  • Follow God’s hand as the Graff family diversifies their farm experience for customers and learn about agritainment in the process.

If information on one farming family is fine, then two are divine!

The Wadsworth brothers of Nevada meet up where the Mojave Desert joins the Great Basin to work their family ranch of 320 acres.

  • Learn why they are transitioning from the regular commodity market to the grass-fed cattle market and direct-marketing the beef to customers.
  • Be surprised to learn where their families live even as the brothers ranch together.
  • Better understand rotational grazing and enjoy a picture of true cowboying on the open range as you see how the Wadsworths continue to work the cattle just as they were raised to do.
  • Check out the different breeds of cattle with hyperlinks to more information and learn about their incredible digestion system as you read.

Will this kind of information help your child better understand farming? It is likely to help the whole family understand farming to a much greater extent than ever before! You’ll find a crossword puzzle, word search, copywork, a page of American Sign Language, handwriting pages, and more just like other E-Books in the Wannabe Series readers have grown to love.

What other things will your child learn in When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Farmer?

  • How much do farmers make in various areas across the United States?
  • Do different types of farms make vastly different incomes?
  • Who were some of the very first farmers of the Fertile Crescent?
  • What are some animals that belong to the Equidae family, and how are they identified?
  • Name the parts of a horse and research the skeleton of a horse to label a diagram.
  • Choose a breed of horse that interests you most and write a report on the form provided.
  • Why is it that a horse’s stomach may rupture or burst if it becomes too full?
  • Learn a few rules about proper horse approach and about horseback riding.
  • Complete farmer math and use a pie chart and graph to determine some answers.
  • Even in the midst of great information, the calm of a few coloring pages is enjoyable!

Your children will complete bar graphs of information, math computations about farm products, answer questions in our “I Want to Be a Farmer Quiz and more. They’ll stretch their creativity as they write an advertisement for a product to be sold from a farm.

Use the included resource list to find books, websites, a DVD, and a game if you choose, along with learning vocabulary and memorizing Scripture to enhance your study as your child learns valuable information about farming and everything it takes to get food onto your table!

Stretch a little as the included Scripture expands into the world of ministry, where you can seize the opportunity to bring home to your children that His fields are white already to harvest!

Reap the benefits of all that you learn as you choose from the creative activities and games to mark the experience and share with friends and family what has been learned. Visit a local farm, make a play barn from an appliance box, or turn your entire yard into a pretend farm experience like no other! Plan a party and compete with friends in a stick horse race or herding sheep competition using white balloons! All the ideas are here and the whole family will have a great time together. No one will forget playing “Milk the Cow” or “Pickin’ Cotton” any time soon. Instructions for decorations and themed cakes are included.

Much like homeschooling, “Farming is very hard work, but the job is also very rewarding.”

The When I Grow Up, I Want to Be . . . a Farmer eBook will have your entire family ready to begin a garden and perhaps even more!


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