WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Doctor


Meet real-life pediatrician Dr. Atwi & hear him describe his exciting job in his own words. No trip to the doctor’s office has ever been as fascinating as this! Get your kids excited as they study the wonder of being a doctor!



What dreams of the future do your kids have?

Wouldn’t you like real-life, Christian mentors and heroes to help your children aspire to all that God desires for them?

Want to help them explore the world of opportunity around them and maybe spark their interest toward a special calling?

You’ll love our multi-age unit study that encourages the learning of basic subject skills and inspires creativity while focusing on a particular, exciting occupation. Expose your children to a selection of the many possible career choices available today, complete with activities that will make learning fun for your entire family”and all from a Christian worldview!

The Old Schoolhouse® is pleased to introduce this title in the WannaBe Series:

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be . . . A Doctor

  • What should be studied in high school and college to prepare for a career in medicine?
  • Study the amazing eye, and take the Ishihara Test for color blindness.
  • Understand the use of flowcharts and how doctors diagnose their patients’ problems as you follow a diagnosis and treatment plan for a flat tire!
  • Make a doctor’s medical bag and perform “gelatin surgery.”
  • Spark creativity with a variety of hands-on activities!

Find answers to your questions and much more as you pore through the 80+ pages of this exciting, activity-packed eBook . . .

In When I Grow Up, I Want to Be . . . A Doctor, you’ll meet real-life pediatrician Dr. Atwi and hear him describe his exciting job in his own words. His wife, another real-life doctor and mother, has chosen to stay home and homeschool her children instead of continuing to practice medicine. You’ll want to read her story too!

No trip to the doctor’s office has ever been as fascinating as this!

As an occupational study guide, this eBook is designed to provide something for every age group well beyond the 4- to 10-year-old range this particular eBook is geared more toward an 8- to 13-year-old age group with special activities included for younger children. Because this is an eBook, you can print as many pages as you need for your students.

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be . . . A Doctor is filled with hands-on learning opportunities and fun. Think of how your child would enjoy some of these interesting topics and wonderful activities . . .

  • Explore science while learning all about the human eye: how it works, eye anatomy, color blindness, and first aid.
  • Memorize Scripture verses related to Jesus’s healing all manner of sickness and calling sinners to repentance.
  • Make a stethoscope, a doctor’s chart, and a medical bag; give make-believe immunizations; and perform “gelatin surgery”.
  • Create special medical equipment and attire with Doctor Dress Up instructions using egg cartons, poster board, white shirts, and more.
  • Design doctors’ medical charts for use in role play, providing an opportunity for creative design as they learn and play simultaneously!
  • Play Diagnosis Charades with an excellent list of clever ailments that is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.
  • Use board games like “Operation” and “Somebody” to gain knowledge about the human body, and learn to put a new twist on “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” using adhesive bandages.
  • Draw life-sized bodies and various organs as children learn accurate placement of the amazing insides God designed for them!
  • Host a first-aid-kit-making party and practice community service by gathering necessities as your children learn proper use of bandages, wipes, and other medical supplies.
  • Spark creativity with writing prompts about doctors and the different aspects of a medical career.
  • Enhance math skills while working out several topical word problems.
  • Work with language arts while doing a crossword puzzle, learning medical vocabulary, and completing a word search.
  • Improve handwriting skills and commit facts to memory while doing copy work!

Use the included Reading List, Video List, and Themed Party Ideas to extend the educational value of the material. Include further research with the jam-packed four-page resource list of books, web sites, and links specific to related occupations.

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