College Success Begins at Home: Seasoned Homeschoolers Share Their Experiences


Have you considered the options in life beyond high school? This eBook contains a multitude of info on transcripts, documenting coursework for your high schooler and so much more!


Is college on the horizon for your homeschooler?

Have you considered the options in life beyond high school?

Do you know God’s plan for the future of your unique child?

What should you know (and how much hair will you pull out) on this exciting, but sometimes daunting, final round of your homeschooling adventure?

Just ask those who have been there . . .

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC presents the E-Book:

College Success Begins at Home: Seasoned Homeschoolers Share Their Experiences

Whether searching for information on transcripts, encouraging words, ideas on documenting coursework, or looking to do the best job possible when homeschooling your high schooler—this is the E-Book you have been asking for! College Success even shares ideas for a wonderful home-style graduation ceremony, but there’s so much more!

Find encouragement, inspiration, and strategies to start taking important steps now.

Take a close look at the chapters included . . .

Part One, “Forming a Foundation”:

  • Laying the Foundation—The path taken in this book starts with laying a foundation, where you’ll acknowledge that success in college starts much sooner than the high school years. Be reminded by Karen Sargent to prepare early, “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof . . .” Ecclesiastes 7:8.
  • Focused on the Big Picture—Kathy Holmes tells you to listen to God to reveal a path: “. . . the same God who called us, perhaps years earlier, to homeschool will continue guiding us. He does not promise to have a plan for our children only to then disappear during their high school years . . .”
  • Ready for Launch—Lynn Fote, shares two Biblically-based perspectives they followed as parents, two things they refused to sacrifice on the “altar of college acceptance.” What are they? You’ll find inspiration from this professional life coach, teacher and speaker!

Part Two, “Stories, Strengths and Strategies”:

  • Preparing Homeschooled Children for College—Kristi Schrampfer provides some excellent thoughts for a strategy: Have you considered the many alternatives available to you? Be filled with ideas, options and encouragement!
  • A Different Journey for Each Graduate—PeggySue Wells, mom of seven, tells you about the different stories of her four homeschool graduates, so far, who have gone on to college graduation, and are now working in careers. How did they do it?
  • Confessions of a High School Homeschool Parent— JoJo Tabares (Art of Eloquence) shares the things her family learned about preparing for college, the hard way. Prepare your child with the strength to respond confidently about their beliefs, the skill to communicate with grace, and a whole lot more.
  • Transcript Crafting—Ingrid Sundling provides more strategy as she shares theirs in a nutshell—with a chart rundown of hours spent and how they applied class credit! She’ll define Carnegie Units and demonstrate how to apply credit. Get your highlighter ready, she maps it out for you.
  • Grammar—Karen Sargent shares how to strengthen your study of grammar. Do you or your students suffer from grammarphobia? Why is teaching grammar so important? Learn from this self-professed grammar freak and TOS editor!

Part Three, “Adjusting to Unique Abilities”:

  • Preparing Homeschooled Teens with Various Learning Abilities for College—Having taught two very unique children, Lauren Wilson shares about their journey; one quick and eager learner, and one with learning disabilities. Both enter college via very different paths—but with the same God directing their steps. Gain insight into creative means for broadening character, building skills, and growing personal faith!
  • College-bound!—As a mother of eight, seven of whom are now graduated, Mary Tanksley offers insight for you. If your objective is to “see your children become strong in the Spirit, diligent workers, and be respected in their chosen field of endeavor,” then Mary has five steps you should take as you pursue high school graduation for your homeschool students.
  • College: A Worthy Goal or a Crafty Snare?—Bill Burdick bravely guides you through the question, “Is it smart to send your child to college?” With four simple questions, you will find answers to whether or not college is the best destination for your particular road—for each unique child.
  • Ready for College and Life—Individualized education is outlined for you when Kathy Reynolds shares the story of her family with four boys. Was college a good choice for them? What ten things did she and her husband want from their sons when they prepared for college, and for life? You’ll love her list of Project Ideas for Homeschooling found in the Appendix!

Part Five, “Learning From Homeschooled College Graduates”:

  • College Prepared—When Danielle Olander was homeschooled in the 80s, what curriculum did her parents use? Has she been a successful homeschool graduate? How did homeschooling help her in her college experience?
  • Doing College Differently—For Justin Powell, the road he took may seem unrecognizable, even to other homeschoolers! From internship work in Washington, D.C., to travel in the Middle East, all in the midst of earning CLEP credit and completing distance coursework—Justin paves the way for others with helpful information as to exactly how he allowed God to guide his path. Want to find a less expensive route to college graduation? You’ll discover answers here!

Part Six, “Celebrating a Home-style Graduation”:

  • High School Graduation: A Prelude to College—How will you commemorate this all-important day? Bill Burdick once again shares his experiences, this time describing the awesome event that worked for his family of eight homeschool graduates. He provides the inspiration plus guidance that covers all the minor details!
  • A Homeschooler’s View of Graduation—Bill’s daughter, Amandae, shares her thoughts and feelings about her own homeschool graduation.

Check out what’s in the Appendix:

  • 60 Project Ideas for Homeschooling.
  • Recommended Resources from the contributing authors.
  • And a TOS Recommended Resource list.

Decide what is best for your family and start planning with confidence tomorrow. Read this book and then go on to share your College Success story!


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