WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Pilot


Do you enjoy a study with history, science, math, writing activities, and more all packed neatly into a theme but you’d like to keep their minds from wandering to the clouds? Let them wander! It is time to take flight!


It is time to take flight!

Need a little something to give your homeschool a lift?
Do you enjoy a study with history, science, math, writing activities, and more all packed neatly into a theme but you’d like to keep their minds from wandering to the clouds?

Let them wander! It is time to take flight!

The Old Schoolhouse® has hit the ignition switch with this creative WannaBe Series title

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be . . . a Pilot.

Our career-building series has entered the clouds as students learn about physics and the history of flight, are introduced to several real pilots, and perform terrific experiments with models!

Are your teenagers anxious to drive? They can begin getting a pilot’s license at 16! Special training and education are required, and this E-Book is a wonderful introduction to flight training.

What does it take to become a pilot?
Adrian Bonilla shares his life as a pilot, from childhood dream to almost 20 years of flying today he admits it takes hard work and determination to become a pilot.

  • He shares his first experience inside a cockpit, the different types of pilots and their licenses, and information about the FAA that regulates civil aviation in the U.S.
  • Adrian also describes the type of plane he flies and his schedule for work, and you’ll use this information to finish a math problem in Pilot Math.
  • Hear what his family does to be flexible, and what it’s like to see the wonder of God’s creation from a pilot’s perspective!

Plenty of helpful information about how to become a pilot is included, as well as options for children from 8 to 17 years of age to learn more about the world of flight links included.

Readers will also meet David Drews, a first officer for a major airline. What will your children learn from him? They will learn about . . .

  • Seniority and experience and how they affect schedules.
  • Making career choices while considering the needs of a family.
  • The type of plane he flies and details of his flight schedule. Complete map activities too!
  • Types of training beyond the physical and what attributes are good for pilots to have.

Is your student interested in flight and the military? Our third pilot introduction is Lance Patterson, a Navy fighter pilot for 11 years! Learn the steps of training to proceed through the service, and enjoy photos of an A-4 Skyhawk and other airplanes. He’ll also share details about his schedule, experiences in flight, and a special hymn and Scripture he has focused on over the years. Like the other pilots introduced in When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Pilot, he shares personal qualities a pilot should have as well.

The final pilot introduced is Angela Quigley your child will be excited to hear how she earned her private pilot license at the age of 17! She will shed light on responsibilities, the development of her faith, and her inspirational story.

As with all installments in the WannaBe Series, salaries for several regional cities are displayed, as well as a graph with average salary according to different types of pilots. Even the rising pay scale is provided, enhancing information shared by David Drews about seniority.

Be amazed by the creative writing activities, crossword and word search puzzles, fill-in-the-blanks story, and enjoy learning through creative science activities. Handwriting practice, coloring pages, amazing photos of various airplanes, and more all extend the learning!

Research flying objects, study a sketch by da Vinci, make a few models with incredible variety, and even read about Sir Isaac Newton’s contributions to the study of flight!

History is captured in details of the Wright brothers; Robert Goddard, the Father of Rocketry; Otto Lilienthal; and other individuals who helped build upon the ideas of flight and physics to bring us to the spectacular point where we are today. Will your children be captivated by gravity, the forces of flight, and experiments with pop bottles, balloons, friction, and more? They will enjoy it all right here!

The Additional Resources List provides plenty of books and links to even more great information; related occupations are also listed with links to helpful websites.

Finish the study with great activities to expand the knowledge even further with:

  • Party passports.
  • Great decorating ideas for all things aerial.
  • Creative use of travel posters.
  • Relay races with a travel theme.
  • The recipe for a perfect runway cake.
  • Paper airplane games.
  • Edible airplanes.
  • And much, much more!

Lift your eyes to the heavens as you learn all about the career of a pilot today!

Better understanding of all the aspects of flight will excite your children as they learn about this very special career revealed in When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Pilot!


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