The Value of Homeschool Conventions


In the pages of this WeE-book™, you’ll find answers to your questions and important insights, guiding your path to that rewarding homeschool convention experience.


Highy esteemed! Encouraging! Helpful! Fun! Don’t forget—the best homeschool shopping source! It’s homeschool convention season!
What’s so great about homeschool conventions, anyway? Sure, there’s a little expense involved, but the benefits far outweigh the costs!
Are you discouraged with aspects of homeschooling? Have you fallen behind schedule? Do you have curriculum that’s not working for you? Do the textbook choices in catalogs make your head spin? Do you feel alone in your tedious, daily endeavors? Would talking to an expert help you? Attending a homeschool convention could really perk you up and encourage you, while adding a whole new perspective to your home learning atmosphere!

Gain appreciation and new understanding! Read the WeE-book™ . . .

The Value of Homeschool Conventions By Amelia Harper, Deborah Wuehler, and Kate Kessler Don’t think homeschool conventions are for you? You may not realize what you are missing! You’ll want to read the segment, “Dashed Expectations of a Convention Newbie.” Add some sparkle to your homeschool existence, find motivation, implement marvelous new ideas, and check out those wonderful shopping bargains. Encouragement, guidance, and a whole lot more are awaiting you . . . at a homeschool convention!

In the pages of this WeE-book™, you’ll find answers to your questions and important insights, guiding your path to that rewarding homeschool convention experience.

Take a peek at this outline of topics covered . . .

  • Introduction
    • Keynote Addresses
    • Workshops or Sessions
    • Vendor (or Exhibitor) Workshops
    • Vendor hall or Exhibit hall
  • The Wow Factor
  • The Encouragement Factor
  • The Camaraderie Factor
  • The Convenience Factor
  • The Economic Factor
  • The Spiritual Factor
  • The Connection Factor
  • The Thinking Factor
  • The Fun Factor
  • Dashed Expectations of a Convention Newbie
  • In Conclusion

“If you want to see the beautiful benefits of educational freedom, go to a homeschool convention. You’ll love it!” —Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld

Don’t shy away from the convention scene—be prepared to discover what so many others are finding out—that homeschool coventions are designed just for you!


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