How I Homeschool: Twelve Families Share Their Lifestyle


Would you like to peek into the lives and homes of other homeschooling families and learn about their routines and faith? Buy “How I Homeschool: Twelve Families Share Their Lifestyle of Learning” today!


What is your Lifestyle of Learning?

Would you like to peek into the lives and homes of other homeschooling families and learn about their routines, curriculum, and faith? Need some practical help, encouragement and motivation? The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC presents the eBook . . .

How I Homeschool: Twelve Families Share Their Lifestyle of Learning

What makes other homeschooling families so successful? Learn what works for families of every size, including some working from home, some new to homeschooling, and some who graduated from homeschools themselves! You will learn that a learning lifestyle is possible as families describe what goes on in their thriving homeschools.
Homeschooling Moms share how they:

  • Accomplish homeschooling while in the midst of canning season.
  • Use a variety of curriculums and educational philosophies.
  • Implement Bible study; both personally and as a family.
  • Define “productive free time” and what it includes.
  • Maintain their homes and keep up on cleaning tasks.
  • Schedule their days, weeks, months, and years.
  • Plan for meals and save time with quick cooking or easy re-heating.
  • Assign memorization of Scripture and learn the Bible together.
  • Handle babies and graduating seniors at the same time.
  • Make it to the couch for a moment of catching up with their husbands.
  • And so much more!

Every homeschool is unique and How I Homeschool provides information from twelve families elaborating on how they live from day to day. Gain some encouragement from a mom starting her day on her knees in prayer, a family enjoying relaxed unit studies, some who love Charlotte Mason, others enjoying Classical Conversations, still others incredibly eclectic, and all finding what works best for their homeschool!

Here are the chapters, written by real-life homeschooling moms, sharing their wisdom:

  • A Day in the Life of Our Family by Meredith Duke
  • Our Homeschool Progression by Wendy Stoller
  • In the Beginning . . ., by Denice Gustafson
  • A Day at My House by Kimberly Leui Kovach
  • Loving Our Learning Lifestyle by Maridel Willer
  • My Homeschool Day by Cindy Horton
  • Homeschooling During Our Busy Day by Kelly Russell
  • Keeping Our Children Home by Brandi Bush
  • The Crazy House: The Crazy Mom Way by The Crazy Mom
  • Smooth Stones Christian Academy by Krista LaRocque
  • A Peek Inside Our Day by Shanna Clark
  • Reflections of a Canadian Homeschooler by Isabelle Lussier
  • Have You Said “Extended Field Trip”? by Isabelle Lussier
Do you recognize their names? Probably not, most of these authors aren”t particularly famous (outside their own homes)- -they are just “regular” moms, busy homeschooling, just like you!
With over 60 pages to enjoy, you”ll get to know other homeschooling families, feel encouraged as you read of their struggles and triumphs, and learn from their open hearts and homes as they share the day to day experiences that are their homeschools. We teach our children to learn from us, learn from other Christians, learn from experience, learn from the past, and look to the future. How I Homeschool is an eBook for homeschooling parents to learn from the experience of other Christian homeschooling parents with knowledge to share. Providing encouragement, real help for the day to day tasks, and excitement for your homeschool tomorrow, learn from homeschoolers striving for the best education for their children – -one that will build their faith as it builds them intellectually.
Enjoy reading as you learn, and learn as you read How I Homeschool, right now!
“Every family employs different methods in home education, and we have much to learn from each other.” – -Kelly Russell, How I Homeschool Contributor


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