God Made Them All Wonder Bundle


God made the most amazing critters and animals – from the fuzzy alpaca to creepy, six-legged insects, including the beautiful and graceful hummingbird. Begin a new adventure today studying this five e-book series.


#1 Alpacas and Homeschool: A Natural Connection

Can you integrate raising alpacas with homeschool and business? How can alpacas be used to soften the hearts of at-risk children in the community? What are the benefits of a home-based business to your homeschool?

Join one homeschool family’s journey from a mom’s career change to a family business in the WeE-book™ . . . Alpacas and Homeschool: A Natural Connection By Alison Christy, RN, IMHS This family has been blessed while blessing others with their love for animals and community, just by doing what they love!

  • Learn about the journey that led them to this exciting and fulfilling life.
  • View photos of their adorable alpacas.
  • Learn about business, community, and the care and feeding of animals.
  • Meet a few of the alpacas and see their impact on the children who come to visit them.
  • See the beauty of integrating homeschool with home business.

Discover the therapeutic effects and the many benefits of raising alpacas in . . . Alpacas and Homeschool: A Natural Connection –A WeE-book™.


#2 For the Love of Bugs

Does your child love or hate bugs? Do you love or hate bugs? Do you have a budding entomologist on your hands? Or one that cringes at the mention of the word bug? Do you wonder, “Why study insects?”

Discover the many valuable lessons insects can teach us in . . .For the Love of Bugs –A WeE-book™ By Jill Novak

Jill shares “a learning lifestyle that will plant a love in your children’s hearts for the wonder of God’s creation—including bugs!” Learn more in the pages of this WeE-book™.

  • Nature Journaling: What is nature journaling? How do you help your children develop this skill?
  • For Younger Children: How can you encourage your young naturalists? What tools can they use to observe bugs?
  • For Older Children: Are there ways to encourage timid onlookers to become keen observers of the natural world? Yes! Find out in the pages of this WeE-book™!
  • Photography: How can a camera help “capture” an insect in its natural habitat?
  • An Artist’s Insect Collection: Does my child need to have an insect collection?
  • Drawing and Writing From Life: How can studying insectsinspire budding artists and writers?
  • Read Living “Insect” Books: Can living “Insect” books present dry scientific facts in such appealing ways that your child doesn’t even know he’s learning?

“As we identified wildflowers and chased after dragonflies, a new appreciation for God’s creation filled our hearts and minds. . . .” Be “inspired to include nature journaling in your homeschool routine.” −Jill Novak


#3 Slither, Scamper, Crawl and Climb

Have YOU ever seen a vinegarroon? Are you a bug “squasher” or a bug “watcher”? Would your children like to know more about the creepy, crawly, weird, and icky world of bugs?

Explore one family’s foray into the strange and fascinating world of little vermin that slither, scamper, crawl, and climb in the WeE-book™ . . .Slither, Scamper, Crawl and Climb  by Dr. Heather Allen

You will learn to understand and appreciate the life and world of a family who, instead of squashing bugs, invites them into their home and studies them, naming them and learning all about their habits, habitats, and wonderments.

In this WeE-book™, you will see how a family who, instead of only reading about “crawly creatures”, takes an intimate look into their world, one creature at a time, to see what it’s all about. It shows you how to make entomology a hands-on, life experience instead of just another textbook lesson.

You will learn about:

  • The vinegarroon.
  • The tarantula.
  • The black widow.
  • The Jerusalem cricket.
  • How to get started.
  • What supplies are needed to aid your study.

Look at the pictures and Dr. Allen’s son’s drawings to fully appreciate how you, too, could be participating in the fulfilling field of entomology.

You very well may quit squashing bugs after you peek into this family’s world, and instead begin to look at bugs in an entirely different light as you turn the pages of . . . Slither, Scamper, Crawl and Climb NOW!

#4 Science on the Wings of a Butterfly

Is it a moth or a butterfly? How can you tell the difference? Do butterflies really have scales on their wings? Entomologist, lepidoptera, metamorphosis—what do these words have to do with butterflies?

Discover and explore God’s miraculous design of these tiny creatures with the WeE-book™. . .

Science on the Wings of a Butterfly By Michelle Eichhorn

Springtime is a great season to study the wonders of nature! You and your children will enjoy learningabout butterflies!
This WeE-book™ will equip you to . . . take your science outdoors. Search for caterpillars, plant a butterfly garden, and help your children further develop their love for God’s creation. ~Michelle Eichhorn

This WeE-book™ is filled with beautiful pictures and provides helpful information and resources to study butterflies . . .

  • Similarities between moths and butterflies: Do moths and butterflies have scales on their wings? What insect group do they belong to? Where do they live?
  • Differences between moths and butterflies: When do they fly? How do they hold their wings while at rest? Which one emerges from a chrysalis?
  • Life cycle of a butterfly: What is metamorphosis? See beautiful pictures of a Monarch caterpillarspinning its chrysalis and a Monarch butterfly emerging from its chrysalis!
  • Butterfly protection: Do butterflies use poison as protection? What about camouflage?
  • Butterfly migration: Do all butterflies migrate? Where do they go?
  • Butterfly-friendly area: What can you do to attract butterflies to your backyard? What plants attract butterflies? Do butterflies need puddles?

Discover the beautiful world of butterflies!


#5 The Real Hummers

Perhaps you’ve admired this wonder-bird beauty and his acrobatic antics before . . . but you probably don’t know everything about him! Arouse a sense of awe and curiosity in your kids when you add this study of the hummingbird to this week’s science lesson! Explore the miraculous life of God’s “tiniest feathered creature” in the WeE-book™ . . .

The Real Hummers By Jeannie Fulbright (author of the Exploring Creation series)
The hummingbird is truly amazing and convincingly points to our Creator God!

Did you know that . . .

  • During a cold night, hummers don’t just sleep, they hibernate—every night?
  • There are 300 different species of hummingbirds?
  • If the sword-billed hummingbird did not exist, a certain passion flower wouldn’t either?
  • There’s so much more to discover!

You’ll encounter many impressive hummingbird facts among the pages of this WeE-book™.

Check out these subtitles:

  • Wonderful Wings
  • Sound Asleep
  • Swiftly Sipping
  • Leaving Town
  • Definite Design
  • Creation Confirmation
  • Hummingbird Haven
  • A Garden of Eden
  • Hummingbird-Attracting Plants



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