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Summer Fun and Freebies

summer fun
  It is another awesome time of year during which there are a plethora of free activities available to children and adults. I know that we all live in different parts of the world, but some things are similar no matter where you live. Hopefully, you’re able to find the exact program I mention or
homeschool celebration
  My fellow homeschoolers, do you see the light—that light at the end of the tunnel for this year’s homeschool journey? I am seeing mine and it feels great. Our 36-week schedule stops the week before Memorial Day. While it’s almost time to wrap up the year, let’s not forget some simple steps to an

Hoop Racing

hoop racing
  Now that warm weather has returned, it’s time to send the children outside. But how long will they ride their bikes or scooters or play ball before they decide, “There’s nothing to do!” It’s also time for spring cleaning. What does one have to do with the other? Maybe nothing—or—maybe you found some hula
outdoor education
  I grew up in a large city. Swapping childhood stories with my husband, he was appalled when I explained that recess at the schools I attended meant being released to an enclosed, asphalt yard. I counted myself lucky that I actually had a backyard at home with trees and flowers. Most of my friends

Non-Math Uses for Sidewalk Chalk

sidewalk chalk
  My daughter’s love of sidewalk chalk began when she was three or four years old. I introduced the medium as a way that she could practice her numbers while she was playing outside. Little did I realize the many uses she would find for sidewalk chalk! Using sidewalk chalk was her preschool. Sidewalk chalk

The Wonder and Joy of Secret Places

build a fort
  My childhood play often led to my mother’s cherry wood dining table. With a lace tablecloth on one end and a patchwork quilt on the other, the world beneath became a castle, a cave, a hobbit hole, a napping house. When the dining room table could no longer hold my dreams, I sought out

5 Springtime Learning Activities

springtime activities
  Are your kids as excited about spring being here as mine are? After being inside most of the winter, the warm fresh air feels amazing. If you’re looking to add some seasonal fun to your homeschooling days, here are five springtime learning activities. 1. Build a Nest Using a variety of natural supplies, your

Learning Through Nature

  My favorite time of year is almost here. We’ve had warm weather this week, and it makes me look forward to springtime even more. With warm weather come lots of adventures outside exploring. In spring, everywhere we look shows forth new life. The flowers start showing forth their beauty. New leaves begin to cover

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