Did you know of the Bible‘s sixty-six books, forty are historical accounts? And of the 26 which are not technically defined as such, most have major historical pillars, such as Paul’s argument for justification by faith in his Roman epistle and the many poetic hindsights in Psalms. Even Revelation is a prophetic book of
Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, this is kind of urgent so I am typing fast; forgive any mistakes here. The urgency comes from the fact that I have heard you are in a heap of tears, because the grief is a lot to bear right now. You keep walking yet troubles still come, today even, new problems
  Distractions seem like my nemesis. As soon as I settle in for a read-aloud it’s inevitable—my baby cries or my five-year-old gets into a fight with my toddler. For my kids, distractions are their secret weapon. They love finding something else to think about, look at, or read that isn’t the work at hand.

Be the Mom

be the mom
  With the onset of summer, many of us are ready for a break from homeschooling. Now, I realize that not everyone takes a full summer vacation due to their choice to school year round, and that’s fine, too. However, there’s one thing I really want to encourage you to do this summer, and that’s

Developing Patience for the Road Ahead

developing patience
  I almost didn’t get this article written this week because a tornado hit our state, and we lost power for almost a week. The first two days, my children kept asking when they’d be able to watch TV or use the computer again. I’ve made a point to limit their screen time, and because

Summer Fun and Freebies

summer fun
  It is another awesome time of year during which there are a plethora of free activities available to children and adults. I know that we all live in different parts of the world, but some things are similar no matter where you live. Hopefully, you’re able to find the exact program I mention or
Hey Mama
  Hey, Mama, I heard it through the grapevine that….well…that your house is a mess. A hurricane is more like it. Sure, your kids are clean and they eat really well (I’ve heard about your cooking), and right, so you spend a lot of time with them reading aloud and talking eye to eye, heart

Worldview Resources

christian worldview
  Last month, I poured out my heart for teaching kids to recognize the lies the world is going to throw at them. It is so clear from Scripture that we are not to be naïve about the wiles of the Devil and the worldviews of those who have rejected God. I’m sure there are

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