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Summer Vacation

summer break
  Do you take a summer break from school or a summer vacation? Does it really matter which one you call it? I’m going to draw on my 15 years of home education experience and say, “Yes—it matters!” A summer break connotes (implies) a lull in activity, a break from the traditional bookwork, and maybe

The Importance of Sleep, Part 3

  Sleep deprivation is not just prevalent in adults, our children are also not getting enough sleep. As homeschoolers, we can be a bit more flexible with our children’s’ schedules; but all too often, we can become more lax with their sleep schedule as well. The National Sleep Foundation, along with an expert panel from

The Importance of Sleep, Part 2

  My journey to not being tired, led me to read a lot of information about our sleep-deprived society. Sleep is not a bank. We cannot credit our bodies with hours of sleep in order to accomodate for sleep debt. In part one of this series, I shared my sleep journey, which included discovering I
planning and diligence
  Ahh mornings. Sometimes the way I get up you’d think my alarm signaled the start of a 5k race. I’m writing mental to-do lists as I shower. A brief tour of my living room on my way to the kitchen expands that list. Then my kids start adding requests for the day, then I
Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, You have too much on your plate. That’s why all this chaos continues. Good news is you are in control to make some smart changes. Get with the hubby and kids – remove some of this extra stuff and lighten your load. Most of the time, we take on more than we

The Importance of Sleep, Part 1

  Ever since becoming a mom, my constant mood is some form of tired. Drained, spent, exhausted; these are just some of the words I use when asked, “How are you?” Then when we decided to homeschool five years ago, my energy levels seemed to plummet even further. I simply assumed it was a product
Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, We’re past the weekend, and it’s time to nestle into the school week . . . and work hard. Work hard. Really? You know, Mama, it’s OK to take an extended break sometimes. If Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday needs to be a day off, too, do it. Play games, spend time reading
  There are days I don’t want to get up early and start school. There are nights I don’t want to sit down and prep for the next week or even the next day. It’s these days that are mixed with part chronic pain and fatigue and part laziness. How do we overcome our reluctance

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