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winter wellness


Shorter days and colder weather can lead to some bad habits. People who normally exercise and eat their vegetables may find themselves sitting indoors and eating junk food during the winter. Your health is important through each season of the year and even more so during the winter months. Here are five tips for winter wellness.

  1. Wash your hands. The best way to prevent disease and infection is to wash your hands with soap and warm water. You learned it in kindergarten, and it still applies today. Simply wet your hands, lather with soap, rub hands vigorously for at least 20 seconds, rinse, and dry.
  2. Boost your immune system. Elderberry and vitamin C help maintain a healthy immune system all year round. There have been many studies that show positive results of decreasing cold symptoms in those who are already in good physical health.
  3. Watch your vitamin D levels. Both our immune system and mood rely on vitamin D. During the winter months, it is not uncommon to become vitamin D deficient due to less exposure to the sun. Ask your doctor for a blood test to determine where your vitamin D levels fall before taking a daily supplement.
  4. Stay active. Even though it is hard to stay motivated in the winter months, it is still important to stay motivated to exercise. Moderate exercise increases the circulation and flow of blood that carries immune cells throughout the body, supporting your body’s immune health during this season when it is especially important.
  5. Maintain a healthy home. People tend to spend more time indoors when the temperatures drop. Indoor air pollutants and allergens can have a negative effect on your health. I personally vacuum at least once every day; but if you can vacuum at least twice a week, it will help. Wash bed sheets weekly and replace air filters monthly. Simple tasks that maintain a healthy home.

I pray you and your family stay well this winter and enjoy time with family and friends as we celebrate the birth of Christ this Christmas season. I pray that you will not only apply these wellness tips during the winter months but throughout the year, to develop healthy habits for year-long wellness.


Welcome to My Happy Homeschool! My name is Susan Reed and my heart’s desire is to encourage the homeschool mom to live out God’s calling and stay the course.


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