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wildflower walk

Do you know what my favorite time of year is? SPRING!!! I’m writing this in the doldrums of February and quite honestly about to go a little nuts. I’ve been stuck inside the house with 4 kids for the last week while it’s been raining and about 36 degrees for the high. So SPRING is definitely in my thoughts… constantly!

March can be a little muddy and stormy where we live, but spring days become more common and we are usually planting early season crops like onions and potatoes! Woohoo! Who else loves to plant a garden? That fresh dirt smells SO good! And it’s the best medicine ever for cabin fever.

So, what do we do special in March? 

For us its a month of wildflower walks, mushroom hunting (usually a little premature), and tree identification. The kids love gathering the flowers and giving them to me. From the tiniest bluets to the showy bluebells, they are all so gorgeous. And they just make me happy! Yes, it’s a struggle to get the bouquet of miniature bluets in a vase (They’re about 1 inch tall.) but so worth it to see their smiles.

Have you taken a wildflower walk? We are really blessed to literally live in the woods so they are right out our door. But what if you don’t live somewhere like me?

Guess what? Wildflowers can be found in so many places. Check out your local parks and nature centers. They may have wildflower plantings or just lie down in your yard. You might be surprised to find how many you have right in front of your face.

Steps to enjoying wildflowers:

  1. Get a wildflower identification book and start your own journal with drawings and descriptions. We’re planning on doing that again this spring. As my children get older, that stuff is a little easier to implement.
  2. Make a wildflower bookmark by laminating flattened out flowers in laminating paper in the size and shape of a bookmark. Hole punch in the top and thread a fancy ribbon through it. Give as gifts or use yourself!
  3. Take pictures and frame the best ones or make a wildflower photo album.
  4. Learn the different parts of the flowers and their method of procreation.
  5. Make delicious jams or desserts with different flowers. Do your research, but one in particular is violet jelly!
  6. Praise God for His awesome Creation!

Enjoy those spring days!  And if it’s not quite spring where you live, take heart; it’s right around the corner!

Jenny is a wife to her amazing husband of 17 years and stay-at-home momma to 4 kids.  She blogs at where she is learning that blessings aren’t always convenient.

wildflower walk

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