Field Trips for Homeschoolers

Home education allows for spontaneous outings and experiencing the world through trips and adventures! Read about some great tips for a ready-to-go field trip bag to be prepared for the unexpected and have helpful items to deepen the learning impact. Learning on the go also includes long-distance traveling and we've got an interview article with 12-year-old Ariela where she shares the deep learning opportunities she takes advantage of while working on being the youngest person to travel the world!

Our last two featured articles highlight some learning options in the farming world. Farming in Canada gives a brief summary of the farming industries across the country and a link to a website where you and your kids can go on a virtual farm tour. Then you can check out the spontaneous field trip experience by an Ontario homeschooling family.

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The difference between a GOOD field trip and a GREAT field trip can be as simple as being prepared. We usually plan for the expected, but we should prepare for the unexpected. Just like we pack a diaper bag for every possible scenario for our babies, it’s a good idea to pack a bag for field trips that we can grab at a moment’s notice for every outing we go on. We never know when a quick trip to the park will turn into a great learning experience and an investigation.

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The ultimate of homeschool field trips is traveling the world, like 12-year-old Ariela White has been doing pretty much since birth. But even if your homeschooling adventures don’t take your family to faraway lands, you can still learn from Ariela’s experience to inspire your children to share their experiences with others through a website and social media accounts as Ariela’s family has done for her.

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Agriculture is a tremendous contributor, not only to Canadians, but also to the lives of those around the world. As the 5th largest agricultural exporter in the world, Canadian farmers are supplying the world with everything from maple syrup to oats.

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It all started with a call to a fairly obscure apple orchard.

Rothwell Family Farm and Apple Orchard in Wellington North, Ontario was suggested to me on a Facebook group called Backyard Bounties of Southern Ontario. I had never heard of the farm so I decided to give them a call and left a message detailing that I would like to bring my kids apple picking and that we homeschool.

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