Home-Based Business Ideas: Making Money Doing What You Love

Whether you are looking to make a couple dollars for coffee runs, some spending money, enough to cover the costs of homeschool supplies or replace an income, home based business ideas are becoming more and more popular. You don't have to scroll far through social media to see a friend selling something, and there's a good chance you've checked out Etsy when you're looking for something specific. Maybe you would like to find a way to turn your skills and hobbies into a profit. Hopefully we can help you!

Do you enjoy taking pictures and documenting your family life? Read about how this mom turned her photography hobby into a profitable business in "Becoming a Photographer: From Hobby to Business." There are so many different things you can make at home that could be appealing for others. One way to monetize those creative projects is through an Etsy shop. "Creating an Etsy Shop - Selling What You Make" will help you with the process of creating your Etsy shop. If you are an artist you will enjoy reading "Interview with Artist Kristen Federchuk." Involve your teens in a home business and teach them some business sense as well as financial responsibility. You can get ideas and steps for this in "Quick Start Business Ideas for Teens."

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“Mama, when I grow up, I want to be a photographer and a mom, just like you.” 

This is a phrase I heard from my nine year old daughter a few months ago, and it brought an immediate smile to my face. Made my heart sing, in fact. Because the truth is, this is exactly what I hope for her. Not that she has to be a photographer, necessarily, but that she sees what I’m doing and can picture it for her own future too.

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Do you love creating things? Share it with the world! The best job in life is to do something you love. So if you love creating unique things, there is the possibility of sharing your products with the world and seeing a new income stream as a result!

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An interest in art might be an indication that your child would like to learn more about pursuing a career in art. In addition to art skills, it is also important to develop other skills and qualities such as perseverance, faith, communication, time management, and math as these will all be required in a work setting or in having one’s own business.


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The best way to learn is by doing. Whether you’re a teen looking for some business ideas to run with or you’re a parent of a teen looking to encourage your child in entrepreneurial skills, you’ll get what you need here. Build a business for profit and for hands-on skill building—both result in a rewarding experience.

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