History from a Christian Worldview

A wonderful perk of home education is being able to teach all things with a Christian worldview, and history is an easy subject to do that in. The Bible literally tells us about the beginning of history! We are given the Bible by God for a reason; He wants us to know what is written in there! There is so much to learn in the Bible and to teach our children. The Bible is the number one tool in teaching history from the perspective of a Christian worldview, but there are resources available to help you supplement that if you wish. Seeing world history support the Bible is a powerful tool for your kids as well so they learn to see the Bible as historical fact and not just "stories."

"A Homeschooler's Favourite Resources on History with a Christian Worldview" is a wonderful source of supplemental resources for teaching this important subject. There are many available out there, but this highlights some favourites. In "Studying History with a Biblical Worldview," you will read five valid reasons on why we should study history with a Biblical worldview and also learn about various courses on this topic. Read "The Christian Roots of Canada's History: Government Godliness" to see specifically how a Christian worldview fits into Canada's history. You'll learn how things have changed over time and some important Christian individuals in Canada's past. Most importantly, you'll be reminded that all throughout history, regardless of who was in positions of power, God was always on His throne and always in control.

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History is one of the topics and subjects more easily covered via homeschool than a traditional schooling model. The reason for this is that the consistency of parental teaching means consistency in the teaching of history and a Christian worldview. It is much easier to cover history chronologically and to focus on how certain threads tie throughout history when there is consistency. As believers, we cannot study history without considering Biblical history as well. If we believe in creation and that the Bible is true, those events are woven throughout world history.

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History can best be described as a bunch of facts and dates in the past. It is agreed that studying history is beneficial to shaping our future. However, sometimes what we find from one source does not line up with what the Bible teaches or what other perspectives are on history. While there are facts, dates and other information to know, we find that not everyone agrees on what those are.

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At my 45 years of age, I remember when every day at public (government-run) school the Lord’s Prayer and O Canada is what started us off. I’m not sure when that stopped, but I believe public education went downhill quickly when it did. While I thought that in this day and age all indications of God or a slight mention of His hand in Canada’s government history were long gone, I was amazed to find that some of our parliament buildings still hold a remarkable honour to God.

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