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One of the treasures God gives us is the Scriptures where He pours out His story of love toward His people. More than this, He gives us stories of people who are meant to be shining examples of how we are to live. Though this may seem intimidating to be like the biblical characters we read about, we are reminded that God uses them because they are just like the rest of us. This means, though we all fall short, we can strive to be like the ones who have gone before us with His help. Just like the stories of their lives, our stories are meant to be an encouragement to those around us. In celebration of women everywhere, let’s take a close look at a few women of the bible who fill the roles of everyday moms, just like us. 

Mary the Brave Mom

Let’s talk about moms. That day you know you’re about to be a mom, it’s both exciting and scary. Then when the baby arrives, both joy and fear fill your heart. Joy is for this beautiful gift God has given you, but all of a sudden the pressure of raising this child sets in. How do we do this the right way? Mary felt all of this. A young woman, betrothed to a man she barely knew, was tasked with birthing the Saviour of the world. No pressure. But she was brave to accept it, knowing the promise that God was with her. 

Ruth the Humble Daughter

Technically, Ruth was a daughter-in-law in her story, but she was embraced as Naomi’s daughter and so she acted in this way. She was humble to go to Naomi with her troubles and to listen to her wise counsel. She could have chosen to do things her own way but was smart about seeking out the counsel of those who were older and wiser. By following Naomi’s guidance, her story becomes an example of naturally finding love and family connections, no matter the circumstances. 

Lois the Wise Grandmother

Grandmothers hold a special role in our lives. These are the women who have endured through many things. The Bible tells us in 2 Timothy 1:5 that Timothy had the same “sincere faith” as his grandmother. The word sincere means honest, true and pure. This kind of faith can face the fire and come out as gold. Grandmothers have lived through many things and have stories to tell those who come after them. They teach us their wisdom and knowledge they have gained because without them, the stories of the past would die, and we would never learn to make our futures better. 

Miriam the Supportive Sister

Miriam is someone who takes charge. Though she was a support to Moses who led the people out of Egypt, she had her unique role in the story. It was through her leadership and her heart of worship that she helped her brothers lead the Israelites to the place where God wanted them to be. 

Martha the Honest Friend

Some may say that Martha was not so wise in how she spoke to Jesus at the time of His visit after Lazarus had died or even when he visited them and Mary was not helping. But if we look closer to her relationship with Jesus, we learn that they were all close friends with Him. As a result of this close friendship, she was able to speak her mind and her heart in front of Jesus. She wasn’t afraid but felt free and safe to let it all out, knowing that Jesus accepted her the way she was. 

There are lessons to take away from each of these stories of women of the bible and the roles they played in the events that happened in their time. However, God wants to remind us that He chooses and uses people who are just like us. They were mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers and friends. They did normal things and loved their families and friends and God. 

Let’s Apply It!

The traits we should aspire to achieve from these examples are being brave, humble, wise, supportive and honest. 

Do you fill any of these roles of mother, daughter, grandmother, sister or friend to someone?

What about the people around you? We may not know it, but God is intentional about placing certain people in our lives. Sometimes, they aren’t related by blood but can be sent to fill a role in a spiritual sense to fill the needs we have. Take some time to pray and think of the special women in your life. 

Worksheet download

Here is a PDF with worksheets to go a little deeper. First, write about yourself and note the traits you already possess. Pray about those you feel you need to work on and keep this sheet as a reminder of who you are and what you can do to dig deeper.

Use the second sheet to help you make a list of those wonderful women in your life. You’ll be surprised how much love you are surrounded with. If you can, reach out to these women and tell them how much you appreciate them. Keep those connections and cherish them and don’t forget to ask God to bless them too!

This is an excellent mother/daughter activity to do together, so print off two sets of these worksheets if you have a daughter to guide and discuss womanly traits with after you get into your bibles and read these stories of women of the bible.

Let’s continue to lift up the women around us!

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