Science Field Trips in Your Area

Science is a subject that involves lots of exploration, experiments to try, and an appreciation of nature and God’s creation. Whether during the warmer weather or cooler months, science field trips are great at any time of the year and perfect for children and parents alike. 

Taking a field trip to enhance science learning can open up more options for learning than you could provide at home. It can be costly for one household to have too many pieces of science equipment, and it isn’t possible to have as much to observe as a science centre can have. These field trip ideas provide excellent ways to supplement your child’s learning and make science come alive!  In addition to the list below, the Canadian Association of Science Centres has a Find a Science Centre/Museum page on their website.

If there is not a science centre or other discovery centre in your area, then take a look at the virtual activities which many places offer. Many of these establishments do virtual tours. In the process, you will find lots of resources and things to learn about to add to your science curriculum. 

British Columbia

There are many museums, science centres, and discovery centres to visit in British Columbia. Here is a list of some of the places. 


From north to south, here are some of the science centres found across Alberta.

TELUS World of Science Edmonton


Explore these museums, which include science exhibits, in Saskatchewan. 


Manitoba has a few different museums and discovery and science centres to visit, which include learning about electricity and fossils. 


Not only are there science centres throughout Ontario, but this province is also home to an aquarium and a butterfly conservatory. In addition to the aquarium, homeschool families might also like to take a field trip to a conservation area. 

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada in Toronto


If your children are interested in learning about space, then the Cosmodome in Laval is the place to go to for a field trip. 

New Brunswick

Enjoy discovering and exploring these science field trips in New Brunswick.

Nova Scotia

If you are in Halifax, below are some suggestions for science field trips.

Prince Edward Island

Learn more about nature in Prince Edward Island.

Newfoundland and Labrador

In Newfoundland and Labrador, you will find a mini aquarium and science centre perfect for field trip time.

Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium NFLD


The Northern Lights are a beautiful sight to see in the sky. In the Yukon, you can visit the Northern Lights Centre to discover more about these lights.

Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories is blessed with an abundance of outdoor places to explore where families can learn about nature and science. The hikes in Wood Buffalo National Park would provide for many interesting sights and discoveries.

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife, NWT


Nunavut is home to several parks and islands. Search for parks to explore in the area you will be visiting.

Across Canada, both bigger cities and smaller towns are home to science centres, discovery centres, aquariums, and more. Plan a field trip with your family to enjoy learning more not only about science and nature but also about God’s creation. 

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