10 Winter Activities: Outdoor Fun for the Whole Family


Winter is here and you just realized you’re going to be stuck inside for a long time. But, wait! You don’t have to be stuck inside all winter long. There are simple winter activities outdoors that you and the family can enjoy. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Maybe you’ll find a new favourite winter activity this year!


  1. Build a Snowman - Get those mitts ready and start rolling your snow. Make one big snowman for everyone to dress or make a snowman family! You don’t need to limit dressing him or her in just a top hat and scarf.
  2. Sledding - Whether you have a store-bought sled or one that you created at home, all you need is a hill with some snow and a little push to start. Make sure you grab the camera.
  3. Ice Skating - This is a popular winter activity for Canadians. You can go to an indoor or outdoor skating rink and even grab the hockey sticks to play a game of hockey.
  4. Snow Angels - No tools required for this one! Just bundle up and hit the snow! How many angels can you make?

    Check out this short clip for a snow angel tutorial:

  5. Snow Forts - For the really adventurous families, why not consider building a snow fort (providing you get a good amount of snow!). If you really want a challenge, you can make an entire snow maze! Use a small bread pan and a trowel to make your “bricks”.
  6. Make the Most Snowballs - Making a snowball is easy, but how fast can you make one? Have a family challenge to see who can make the most snowballs in a minute.
  7. Ice Bubbles - On a nice cold day, grab your bubble makers and try blowing bubbles outside! Leave your bubble solution outdoors to get cold (don’t let it freeze). When ready, wave your bubble wand to create bubbles (don’t blow them because your warm breath will not work with this experiment). Try to catch one of the bubbles with your wand and watch it freeze. 

  1. Paint the Snow - All you need is paint and paint brushes. Use washable paint if you don’t want paint staining the coats and snow pants. You can experiment with painting pictures on the snow or create different patterns and designs like splattering or dabbing. The kids are sure to have fun with this one and your backyard will look like a colourful winter wonderland when you are done.
  2. Snow Tracking - Play a simple game of hide and seek outdoors, but this time the trick will be to lead the seekers off your scent by creating tracks all around. It’s up to the seeker to try and follow the tracks to find you.
  3. Treasure Hunts - Bury some treasure in the snow and create a map for your family and friends to follow. Use the good old-fashioned way of using paces or steps - great for those learning counting and directions!

Did you find some new family winter activities? Outdoor family time takes on a whole different appeal in the winter and you don’t need much more than people and snow! Whatever activity you choose, make sure you are properly dressed to enjoy that cold fresh air. Don’t forget to stock up on marshmallows for your cups of hot chocolate afterwards!

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