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Spring is finally here and with that comes ample opportunities to enjoy a few homeschool sunshine days. Sometimes, we use our time outside as a break from our school day; however, we appreciate learning outside too. Since my children are in vast age groups, I have to be creative in choosing lessons and activities that include everyone. Here are my two go-to suggestions for family fun in the sun that welcomes spring and honors the annual Take a Walk in the Park holiday.

Each year, I always help plan an old-fashioned family field day. This is a great way to gather your family and friends for a picnic and plenty of fun. Share the planning by having each family create their own station or featured game. This allows for variety and helps everyone work within their personal skills and budget. Placing the teens in charge of the stations, games, and teams is a good way for them to practice their leadership skills. This could also double as a low-cost family reunion! If your family doesn’t live nearby, consider doing this with your homeschool friends, church, or a local co-op.

Another great way to explore is by taking a hike in your local park. Most parks offer clearly paved walking trails or gravel hiking routes. This can be done on a whim, especially when you need to reset a bad homeschool day, but I think planning allows you to turn the outing into a lesson. While walking, your children can take pictures of whatever plants, wildlife, birds, or bugs interest them. Be sure to bring along notebooks, pencils, crayons, paint, and colored pencils if you want this time to double as an art class.

Finally, if you have a 4th grader in your home, I recommend that you check out the Every Kid in a Park program. Each year beginning September 1, all fourth-grade children can receive an Every Kid Outdoors pass which provides free access to national parks across the country. This outdoor pass is good for the 4th grade school year until August 31. The student’s admission also includes any accompanying passengers in a private vehicle at parks that charge a per vehicle entrance fee. At sites that charge per person, entry includes the pass owner and up to three accompanying adults.

In our homeschool, sunshine days are necessary to restore energy and enjoy the beauty of spring. Hopefully, these suggestions help create beautiful memories for your homeschool.


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