Let’s Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast

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ice cream for breakfast

Though winter weather is upon us in Texas, we will always make room for ice cream. This cold, sweet treat just happens to be the center of Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day which is observed on the first Saturday of February. Over the years, I’ve found a few ways to incorporate ice cream into recipes and activities for this unique day.

First, we decide on the menu for that Saturday and build our activities from there. When we are dining in, I look for a new way to add ice cream to our meal. Pancakes a la mode is the easiest dish to make because you just top them with ice cream. We also like to pair Chicken & Waffles with a milkshake. Some days the children will top oatmeal with a scoop of ice cream and their favorite toppings. On other days, well add bacon, waffle pieces, and maple syrup to our ice cream. No matter what, you can’t go wrong by complimenting your breakfast favorites with this delicious treat.

We also enjoy adding this dessert to our Saturday by going out to eat or making a sundae bar. In our city, there are several locally owned ice cream parlors that serve breakfast. We enjoy heading out to one for a hot meal and ice cream that is made in-house. If the children are up to it, we occasionally make our own ice cream. Then, I’ll set up a bar featuring various toppings to make personalized sundaes. These moments are the most precious with my littlest ones, especially because my oldest enjoyed it so much at their age. Depending on the way you make it, homemade ice cream can be a fun science or STEM lesson. As usual, I always recommend letting older siblings be in charge of these experiences. So many life lessons can be learned by teaching their siblings something new.

As my children get older, these traditions and recipes have become a request throughout the year. Since they like it, I’m always willing to add ice cream to our family feasts. Acknowledging these days allows us to create customized delicacies and lifetime memories.

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ice cream for breakfast

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