Fun Spring Activities for Homeschoolers of All Ages

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spring activities for homeschoolers


When the seasons change, our family tends to switch gears in our homeschool routine. I never like to be stuck in the same rut. When thinking about spring activities for homeschoolers, it’s fun to think outside of the box. It brings excitement and a change of scenery, which is oftentimes all that kids need. I may purchase new flowery pens or colorful folders to liven things up a bit. I sweep off the back deck and scrub the outdoor furniture so we can do some lessons outside on warm and sunny days. I may even trudge down in the woods and clean up the tree branches that may have fallen on our picnic table throughout the winter and get it ready for outdoor learning. One thing is certain; I like to take the kids outside in the spring as often as I can. This is why I have two or three different areas set up outdoors where they can go comfortably do their schoolwork. Although I would love to let them climb in a tree to read a book or go down and soak their feet in the creek while they work on math, having the picnic table and outdoor furniture available helps keep them a little more focused and less distracted. They know they are there to work, and when their work is completed, they can go play. Of course, not all learning is confined to bookwork. Spring is a time where I let my kids explore. The creek and woods are fair game, and you and I both know that this is where learning happens too. Finding bird nests, observing the budding trees, identifying animal prints in the mud – there are so many opportunities for learning while outdoors.

Spring is also a wonderful time to go over the gospels in preparation for Easter. Read through the book of John and discuss the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Looking for a longer unit study? Read all four gospels and compare the different accounts of Jesus’ resurrection. Encourage your children to look at the differences not as contradictions, but point out that if four members of your family went to the zoo and all came back and shared about it, their accounts would most likely be different. Johnny may focus mostly on the bears because that was his favorite. Anna may focus on the butterfly exhibit because she can’t get out of her mind when a butterfly landed on her nose. Dad may remember how hard it was to find a parking spot and focus on that. You may even want to think of something your family experienced, have each person write a few paragraphs about it, and then compare them. What aspects were the same? Which were different? Then you could go back and do the same with the accounts of Jesus in the four gospels.

Additionally, you can bring spring indoors with spring-themed crafts, snacks, and activities. Younger ones can make a bouquet of tissue-paper flowers for the center of the table. Kids of all ages can make bird nest snacks or a worms and dirt snack made of Oreo crumbs, pudding, and gummy worms. Kids can make colorful paper bead necklaces, brightly colored friendship bracelets, or they can begin planting seeds in plastic cups to be transplanted outdoors when the danger of frost has passed.    

Use these ideas in your homeschool to help celebrate the exciting season of spring!

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spring activities for homeschoolers

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