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spaghetti day

One of our favorite silly days to celebrate in January is National Spaghetti Day. Each year, I gather up my cool kids for some fun art, a little cooking lesson, and of course a tasty spaghetti meal. In preparation for this delightful day, I thought I’d share my favorite things to do for this wacky holiday.

Pasta Art is a fun way to creatively acknowledge how much you love this tasty meal accessory. You can have your children create pictures by gluing the pasta onto paper or cardboard. I like to buy garden pasta because it is already colored. You can also add to the excitement by dyeing any regular pasta with food coloring the day before. This year my 11-year-old is going to create a pasta mural and then paint it.

Pasta Sensory Play is another activity I create for my younger children. I like to put different types of pasta in a tissue box and let them feel the difference between them. Another way to do this is to create shapes, numbers, and letters using pasta.

Making homemade pasta is our final way to celebrate this delicious day. I like to create a different pasta each year to pair with our favorite sauce. This year we are having Chicken Spaghetti so we’ll make traditional, thin noodles. This year, my oldest will be in charge of the noodles and my youngest will be his sous chef. Little hands are a big help when measuring the ingredients and cleaning up. There are so many easy-to-follow recipes available online and having all the children help turns this meal into a fun lesson.

There are plenty of silly, wacky, and special days to acknowledge throughout the year. In our home, we look forward to the tasty holidays that surprise us each month. I’m glad to start the year off by celebrating my favorite dish via National Spaghetti Day!

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spaghetti day

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