Who’s Afraid of Biblical Hebrew?

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See why Biblical Hebrew is now a practical and rewarding Christian homeschool choice for high school foreign language credits and lifelong Bible study tools. Thorough, encouraging, easy to use, creative lessons require no teacher experience beyond amen and hallelujah! Books, music, and DVDs for ages 9 and up from Alef Press.


Biblical Hebrew: A Homeschool Primer

  • Teaches how to read and write Biblical Hebrew with a gentle introduction to vocabulary and grammar
  • With reverence for God, creative exercises, and a dash of fun, Biblical Hebrew unrolls the scroll for a lifetime of hearing God speak
  • Use as the foundation of high school foreign language credits; a deluxe, year-long exploration of Biblical geography, culture, and worldview; or as a prequel to any Hebrew course
  • Thorough and encouraging for ages 9 and up
  • Designed to be accompanied by Biblical Hebrew: Annotations and Answers, a teacher’s guide with music CD


Biblical Hebrew: Annotations and Answers

Supplies answers, details, suggestions for use, and ideas for supplemental resources

Includes original audio CD of 10 traditional Hebrew songs, an alef-bet song, and bonus track with music by David Weeks and lyrics from Matthew 5:6 in Hebrew

Recorded live and acoustic with three voices, one zesty guitar, and the energy of friendship, joy, and praise!

No teacher Hebrew experience necessary beyond amen and hallelujah!

Teacher’s Guide (128 pages) with music CD, 8.5″ x 11″


Supplemental Biblical Hebrew: Show and Tell DVD

Combines 43 engaging and insightful tales from history and tradition, gorgeous photos, the pronunciation of each lesson, and audiovisual review tailored to each chapter and song.


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