3 Springtime School Activities

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Spring is upon us and in preparation, I’m already making plans for the family to complete our seasonal bucket list. Now of course these lists could easily be found online, but I’ve decided to make each year different and unique for our household and homeschool. This year I’m continuing my focus for going outside, incorporating multiple subjects in each lesson or activity.

Here are three spring school activities we’ll be trying this year:

Live Butterfly Garden: Butterfly gardens always bring joy to our homeschool. This was a science project that I skipped with my oldest because initially, I didn’t like the idea of having any bugs in my home. Eventually, I opted to participate and it was so much fun.  This project cover science, math if you use a calendar, and you can even have the children write a report or draw pictures as the stages progress. You can do this all year, but we prefer to release our butterflies in the spring.

Park Painting or Sketching: Spring provides the perfect balance of bright sun and cool breezes, so I’m a big fan of having school outdoors.  Often, we will do our art projects in the garage, but if the weather permits we will take them to the park. I keep a prepared bag filled with sidewalk chalk, construction paper, finger paints, sketch paper, colored pencils, and much more. We take this bag to the park and I allow the children to have 20 or 30 minutes to just create whatever the surroundings inspire. While the projects dry, I allow them to play and then we come home. This encounter incorporates art, recess, and speech if I give them opportunities to present their work to Daddy at the end of the day.



Family Field Day: This season is one of my favorites because we can always play outside. Creating a field day for our family is worthwhile because everyone is active while having fun. One way to do this is old school style, setting up various athletic options in stations. Another option is choosing one sport to focus on but add a silly twist to it. Our recent field day consisted of playing baseball with a huge beach ball and a foam bat.

When the seasons change, allow the gift of homeschool flexibility to take you outdoors as your schedule permits. Create your own family bucket list based on opportunities in your area. Finally, invite other homeschooling friends to participate with you. If you have added guests, consider turning your spring event into a potluck or picnic.


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