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  Click on the Article Below to Read   Article Spotlight~ *Are you looking for resources that will save you lots of time? *Should Wikipedia be used as a resource? Why or why not? *Are you familiar with Google Books and Google Scholar? *Discover the most amazing research assistant ever… *Learn to use technology wisely.

Law of the Land

Wednesday, 07 January 2015 by

Do you ever wonder what the Constitution really says or how certain laws came about? Join Kevin Mark Smith, Esq. for Constitution and the Bill of Rights to find out. During the month of January, Kevin will be discussing the seventh through tenth amendments to the United States Constitution. Students in high school (and adults)

Making Disciples

Tuesday, 06 January 2015 by

With another Homeschool Minute from The Homeschool Channel, here is Gena Suarez, Publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.   Homeschooling is a discipling process…   Just click the play button to listen.

For the Love of Books

Tuesday, 06 January 2015 by

Books are wonderful things! They can teach us. They can transport us. They can fill us with awe and wonder. Every month, Michelle Miller puts together a lengthy list of books that all center around one particular subject. This month, her Monthly Reading List is all about snow. Whether you live where it snows a


  Click on the Article Below to Read   Article Spotlight~ *Do you find it challenging to teach multiple grade levels? *Have you listened to audio theater CDs? *Are you familiar with “Under Drake’s Flag”? *What makes “Under Drake’s Flag” different?                         Do you


The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine Welcome to the quarterly edition of the Homeschool Discounts E-Newsletter. Enjoy great specials every three months. Take a look at the specials designed just for you. Note the expiration dates and don’t miss any of these great bargains. Want even more discounts? Our SchoolhouseTeachers.com members have access to a member discount

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What Are You Feeding Your Family?

Monday, 05 January 2015 by

What goes into our bodies often determines what comes out of our bodies, be it energy and endurance or language and attitude. Follow along with Jennifer Needham in Family Nutrition under the Family/For Parents tab. This 14-week course for the whole family will teach you how to eat healthier, how our culture affects our food

January Blog Giveaway Basket

Sunday, 04 January 2015 by

Chemistry Video Classroom Mr. Science Teacher ® Our philosophy of education at Mr. Science Teacher ® is to overcome your weaknesses and build on your strengths. * Step-By-Step Techniques * Daily Homework * Quizzes, Tests * Progress Reports * Solutions www.mrscienceteacher.com Product Value: $79.99   Spiritual Circle Journal   Spiritual Circle Journal donated by Life Purpose Coach