– Character Development

Family Rules

family rules
  Every now and then our kiddos get out of sorts. They forget every single ounce of character training and they rebel against our rules. It’s never a pretty sight, let me tell you. As parents, it is our job to train and correct them. When they choose to forget what we have taught them

Teaching Lies

  Yes, I chose the title because it would raise the hair on your neck, but it matters too much to just let it slide. I grew up in early modern American homeschool circles. I remember wise instructors assuring parents that the best thing they could do to prepare their children for a dark world
gig economy
  As homeschoolers, many of us are called upon to be more than high school instructors. We also need to be career coaches and guidance counselors. We tirelessly research the ins and outs of college admission, vocational school requirements, financial aid and scholarships, and other valuable information on behalf of our teens. Our high school

Playing to our Strengths

personality types
  On Wednesdays this spring, I’m teaching the ladies at my church about personalities. It can be freeing, motivating, comforting, and challenging to learn how I am designed to reflect a particular splinter of God’s image—and so is each person in my life. Understanding personalities can be a huge way for me to both receive

6 Practical Principles For Parents

  Homeschool planning and documenting is a joy for me as a teacher. I tend to focus a lot of my time on creating checklists and developing new rules. It’s gratifying when they obey a rule or I check off a task. Yet, for spiritual development, rules and checklists must be short-term to developing habits

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