What is a Christian Worldview?

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A worldview is a set of ideas, values, and presuppositions. It’s like putting on a pair of sunglasses that color how you view life, people, and ideas. People collect little pieces of their worldview through parents, school, movies, and friends. A Christian worldview is based on the Bible. Let’s look at the Christian worldview.

Theology/ Who is God?

God is One and exists in Three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God created everything that exists, seen and unseen, out of nothing. He is personally involved in His creation. His creation is accountable to Him. God is Holy. God is Love.

Life is more than what we can see in the natural world. There is a supernatural realm that is unseen.

We please God with faith. We access grace through faith.


God is Holy. His moral absolutes are unchanging, revealed through the Bible and written on people’s hearts. All people are accountable to God and His moral law.


History is linear with a purpose, starting with Creation, moving forward with the Fall, banishment from the Garden, Flood, Dispersal at Babel, Birth of the Jewish Nation, Jesus, His Crucifixion, His Resurrection, the Church, and Jesus’ Return.

The Center of History is Jesus. All of history points forward to Him or back to Him.

Science & Nature

God is the Creator. He created all things in six days. Various kinds of plants and animals go back to that beginning. Though there is adaptation, no animal has changed from one kind to another kind. There are many types of dogs, descendants of the original dog, but no dog ever became a cat.

God has Creation Rights over all His Creation.


God created reason and logic for men to observe, study, and discover the world around them. However, there are things that cannot be observed or measured, which must be understood by faith.

Psychology/Nature of Man

People created in the image of God have infinite value and are capable of altruistic deeds.

People have a sin nature until they are born again. Original sin makes people capable of dastardly deeds. Apart from Christ, we are slaves to sin.

Sociology/How Society Should Look

All authority in Heaven and on earth belongs to God, Who delegates it to individuals, families, churches, and governments.

Individuals are accountable to God for their thoughts, deeds, and words.

The family is responsible for raising children and supplying needs.

The church is responsible to fulfill the Great Commission.

The government of a sovereign nation is responsible to reward good and punish evil, as well as protect its citizens through the court system and military.


Everything belongs to God, and people are stewards, not direct owners, accountable for what we do with our property.

God established private property and protected it with the commandment, “Thou shall not steal.”

Individuals, families, and churches are called to give to the poor and needy.


Divine Law is revealed in the Scripture to govern individuals, families, governments, and the church.

Natural law, or conscience, is written in man’s heart.

No one is exempt from, or above the law.


Government has authority from God to establish justice and protect God-given freedom, not to usurp the role of the individual, family, or church.

Why Does Worldview Matter?

We live in a world that bombards us with lies, but the Bible teaches about every area of life.

Does what you believe line up with Scripture?

For More Encouragement

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God bless you as you teach your blessings!


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