Top 5 Reasons Not to Homeschool Your Kids

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reasons not to homeschool

So, it’s that time of year again (a brand new one), and you’re second guessing everything from your diet to your choice to homeschool. Sigh… I’m here with an article to give you tons of encouragement with 5 Reasons NOT to Homeschool Your Kids! (disclaimer:  I “might” be a little tongue in cheek here 🙂

Reason #1 Not to Homeschool:

Your kids will not be exposed DAILY to the weird, the disgusting, and the perverted. I know, I know, we all want our children thoroughly socialized so this is a HUGE downside to homeschooling. This reason alone is enough to make the most determined parent flinch back from his lifestyle choice. I mean, after all, who doesn’t want their kids to hear the latest R rated movie from a classmate or for their 6-year-old to learn what a perverted term means? Read my article on Focus

Reason #2: 

If you choose to keep your kids at home, they will probably (gasp) want to be friends with their siblings.  Now, it’s not like anything perfect here, I mean they will still fight, but most likely they will build strong ties together. This is so unconventional that it should be a huge deterrent from homeschooling. I mean, who wants their kids to actually like each other?

Reason #3 Not to Homeschool:

You won’t have hours of homework to do after school’s over. I mean, seriously, what will your kids do in the evenings with no homework? They might… gasp… play!

Reason #4:

No bullies in the bathroom. This one cannot pass people! Where would you be today without those bathroom bullies of your childhood? I cannot imagine that I would be where I am right now if it wasn’t for those glorious people who tormented me each day in the school bathroom. Your kids will completely miss out on that! What is the deal?

Reason #5: 

This is the piece de’ resistance here! They will not learn to stand in line. This should shut down all further discussion of homeschooling. No one can absolutely argue with the necessity that learning to stand in line is ESSENTIAL to proper mental development. NO ONE!

I won’t even go into the fact that you could save money BY homeschooling! Read my article on that HERE Who wants to do that?

I really could not help myself on this!  I hear crazy arguments all the time why homeschooling is not for them or a bad choice, and I really could not resist pulling these together because you see there really are Reasons NOT to homeschool your kids. I just haven’t found them yet! Have a wonderful January & keep the faith. Keep Homeschooling 🙂

Jenny is a wife to her amazing husband of 17 years and stay-at-home momma to 4 kids.  She blogs at where she is learning that blessings aren’t always convenient.

reasons not to homeschool

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