50 Reasons to Be Thankful We Homeschool

To be a homeschooler means to be fearless and willing to take chances (even if we don't feel that way all the time). We become the movers and shakers of the world because we know we are willing to think outside the box and educationally prepare our family for whatever environment God puts us in. We are thankful to be homeschoolers and to provide the education that's right for our family.

How many of these 50 reasons to educate your children can you relate to?

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  1. My children get to see God working in every area of their lives.
  2. We enjoy more ‘field trips’ – more contact with the real world.
  3. Socializing and learning with kids of all ages is emphasized.
  4. I have more time to know my children.
  5. I get to learn too!
  6. My kids enjoy more natural and spontaneous learning.
  7. We have time to linger in an area of interest because of the freedom to learn without time pressures.
  8. It gives my kids space to think and reflect.
  9. More learning happens through games.
  10. There is freedom from constant peer pressure and expectations to conform to the ‘norm.’
  11. We are free from constant evaluation.
  12. My kids benefit from an individualized education geared to their learning style and speed.
  13. Curiosity is encouraged and explored.
  14. We can all see the world as a place of learning.
  15. Some of us can be late risers – learning can be planned around natural sleep patterns.
  16. I am taking back my responsibility to educate my children.
  17. Our family isn’t tied to the agenda of an institution.
  18. We get to learn from a diverse mix of learning materials.
  19. We have more meals together!
  20. We have various social opportunities where children develop relationships with adults who don’t have authority over them.
  21. We get the inside scoop on the many unique and fun homeschooling events.
  22. We enjoy being part of the homeschool community that thinks outside the box and lives outside the box.
  23. Each of my children work at whatever level they are at.
  24. I know everything my children are learning.
  25. My kids don’t have to be victimized or witness others being bullied or harassed.

  1. My children get to take responsibility for their own learning.
  2. We get to enjoy public facilities when there aren’t many others there.
  3. My kids get more play time which enhances cognitive development.
  4. Home education gives kids with disabilities a better experience; no children fall through the cracks.
  5. Homeschooling is relationship based as opposed to the product-based learning in the public school system.
  6. We get to be a fun and relaxed family.
  7. I am better able to realize the important influence I have over my children.
  8. Our family learns together.
  9. I have more ways to relate to my children as they grow and develop.
  10. I can foster values in my children that aren’t in opposition to some of the values in a school system.
  11. I can learn from the economic ingenuity of all those homeschooling parents who provide an amazing education for their kids (sometimes lots of kids) on little money!
  12. Homeschooling allows my kids to have lots of depth to themselves, be able to learn on their own, have rich conversations and grow without pressure to be someone they’re not.
  13. We all get to be around other people who give lots of thought to learning and education.
  14. Homeschooling through all kinds of adversity, doubt and life changes becomes a source of personal growth.
  15. Kids can become experts at a young age and be able to pass along that rich knowledge to parents and many others.
  16. Learning about chemistry and fractions by baking tasty snacks is way better than using worksheets!
  17. We can plan our learning time around other family and personal events.
  18. Learning can take place anywhere, anytime.
  19. My kids can have their opinions heard about how they’re learning and being taught.
  20. The socialization with people of all ages is much more beneficial for their emotional and mental maturity.
  21. I get to witness the development and growth of my children.
  22. Siblings have a stronger relationship.
  23. We can decide to take a spontaneous trip – for the day or a few days – and still fit in some learning time if we want.
  24. Visiting other families is so much better in the daytime, during the week.
  25. My children are at home where they belong.


Download the PDF of this list and print off for the constant reminder of why homeschool is the best!


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"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).