Why is Homeschooling Vital for Christian Families
in This Generation?

When we turn on the news to see school shootings, washroom gender confusion, transgender ideology, and coaching aimed at kids or listen to the corrupt anti-Christian agendas being pushed through the school's education system, it should cause Christians to cringe. 

For me I find these very upsetting because my heart mourns for all the children who will be brainwashed and whose character will be slowly corrupted as they are being moulded to suit the world. The education system has been infiltrated by and sold out to agenda pushers. It worries me a lot because what future will we as a community, nation, or world have without a moral compass and a firm and anchored standard which can only be set by God Himself and not any man. Men's standards and morality is ever changing because it is all opinions. 

Only God can give the facts on morality. Whether one believes in God or not, it is discernible to anyone that the morality of men is unstable and we are edging more and more to crossing every moral line drawn by the generations of the past. We are also told in Scripture that lawlessness will abound, and we are seeing signs of it all over, especially with these social agendas being pushed through the schools. This is just one more very critical reason we as people of the Faith ought to homeschool our children.

Hence this editorial is a battle cry for the people of God to use wisdom and make necessary sacrifices to guard our future, our children. Guard their minds, their eyes, their ears, and hearts from the corruptible seed being dispersed through the public education system. We owe it to our children and to God to preserve His children that He has given each of us to train. 

The only way to bypass most of this wicked agenda pushed through the schools and the schools educational materials is to homeschool. Here is one of our tests as servants of God: Are we willing to sacrifice self in order to preserve God's innocent children? The truth is homeschooling is a sacrifice because most times in a traditional home, one parent will most likely have to give up their career, especially if there are several children involved. It means one will lose an income line hence lose the ability to spend more on comforts and leisure of life. This is why I call it a test. Another example is in a single parent home which is even harder, but it is doable through prayers and determination. My sister who is a single mom was able to have her work transition her from the office to working from home. This enabled her to take her two children out of the public school and start homeschooling them. 

Once one plans the daily agendas and work schedule ahead, things will fall into place, especially when enlisting God's help. I was unsure of homeschooling at first myself, but I knew that God was leading me to take this step and now eight years later I'm glad I did. My child is now eight years old, and I'm glad I resigned from my IT job at one of the big banks here in Canada. I gave up my career, money, and even faced negative remarks from family and friends for doing so. But I knew God was calling me to this job, to work for Him and taking care of the one He was sending to me to train and guard for Him for a time. 

I have no regrets; instead I'm filled with the feeling of accomplishment and that I have a purposeful life. This feeling cannot be bought or sold. So I urge other parents to step out and overcome the fears and know you are working for God. So expect that He will make the road easy to bear and help you over every hurdle, training you as well to help others. Be a forerunner!

Be Encouraged and Equipped

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Let's look at some statistics. The information below was gathered by a
poll done by IgniteAmerics in 2019. 

Stat #1: Two-thirds (61%) of Americans, ages 18-35, doubt the existence of God. 

Stat #2: Americans’ Doubt in God Doubled in One Generation!!! 

"These two bodies of research confirm how deep and how fast America’s most important age demographic has lost faith in God. In one generation, Americans doubting the existence of God has doubled from 31% to 61%. As staggering as this is, it’s certifiably confirmed with multiple, highly regarded research studies." 

How shocking are those statistics? Imagine with more and more of these anti-God and anti-Christian agendas being pushed in the schools, what kind of world will this be? How much more will those statistics grow? Most importantly, how much more are we willing to sit back and let it grow?

We as parents have to act quickly and stand firm to our values without compromise in order to preserve the young ones God gave us to guard. I pray and hope we as believers and parents/grandparents/guardians act with our might and wisdom in taking the steps necessary to hold the line that is ever pressing forward to steal the minds of God's children.

Written by Ann Bhola

I love God and his miraculous ways. I was a former IT analyst at one of the largest banks in Canada and obtained my Business Analyst certification; I had a vibrant career path ahead of me. However, I gave it all up to follow God's voice and His pulling on my heart strings to work in His vineyard in a job He was appointing me to. 

Today, I am a proud stay-at-home mom, who gladly gave up a personal career for the fulfillment of God's purpose in my life. I was called by God to homeschool my daughter, and from there I realized that I have a gift for working with children.  With God's guidance, I have completely embraced my identity and purpose as a worker in His vineyard. I believe that the most important aspect of building God's kingdom is through children. My goal is to build God's kingdom one child at a time by teaching His ways to all children that come into my life and being a spiritual support for those wanting to learn more about God. I believe in purposeful living of our faith in Christ in all we put our hands to do. I hope to one day see my eight-year-old daughter, who is now a published author, use the morals and lessons she learns from God's ways and teach it to others. By His grace, when she is older she will pass on the torch, the baton to the next generation of kingdom builders, one child at a time.

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).