What Homeschoolers Are Doing In Their Communities


Being homeschooled means that you can approach volunteering and community service from a different perspective. It’s not mandatory, as it is for the majority of public high school students across the country; and for most families, it’s how they serve others.

There are so many benefits to community service, and, as the list of comments that we’ve compiled from social media shows, it’s often a family affair. You’ll also notice that many of the comments involved reaching out to individuals—which is the most lovely way to reach out and help out, just as Jesus taught.

Social media comments from homeschool families when asked what community service their kids do or have done:


We are going to volunteer at a seniors retirement home


We delivered Meals-on-Wheels to seniors in our community—it is run by the VON here, and I had been looking for volunteer work where I could take a toddler, and they were happy to have us.


In London, ON, we meet every Friday from 3-5p.m. in front of City Hall, and we're gearing up for the Global Climate Strike being held worldwide from Sept.20-27. Here's the London event:

and here's the global event site:


All three of my kids have volunteered at our local YMCA, in their drop-in children's programs, and assisting swim teachers. The youngest was a volunteer counsellor at a two week music camp, run by the city, last summer. We have also volunteered too with a monthly meal for seniors run by North Burlington (a city initiative to connect people in our area).


We do earth rangers online, and adopt a road in our community.


My daughter (a 12-year-old) volunteers with my mom going to seniors centres. She also volunteers with our foundation that supports families with the same rare syndrome she has by doing home visits, helping put together family gatherings. Supporting other non-profit organizations I’m on the board for. Also helps our neighbors.


I was involved in 4H when I was homeschooled, and they do a lot of volunteer stuff; and it goes up to 21 years old, so you can use it for highschool community hours if they go to highschool


See if your town has a community garden. I am part of the one in Ajax, and we are always looking for help!


We deliver Santa boxes, have been since E was 3—he is six now. Sing at senior home during the holidays and donate clothes, etc., to different charities.


Just doing good deeds for neighbours is volunteering time. Walk a dog, shovel snow, cut grass, wash windows, sweep a porch, etc. It could be a regular thing with one neighbour or just show up at different neighbours to do a random good deed.


Our daughter also helped at VBS for a few years and ended up taking over (from her piano teacher) the music programme on the weeks it was offered. That was included in her volunteer work list on her transcript. She had also helped at Sunday School with setting up before the children arrived, putting on puppet shows of Bible Stories and helping to clear up afterwards.


I have two children that I homeschool. For community involvement, I take them to play piano 2 times a year at 2 different places for the elderly. They also then go around and chat with the elderly. It takes about 3 hours each time, which includes driving time of about an hour each time, and it is done on four different days. My children also play piano in church 2-3 times a year for about 10 min. each. My son also helps with children church about 4 times a year.


We love to visit the seniors at our local nursing home weekly. We pick flowers and pass them out every few weeks. Sometimes my kids will find neat-looking rocks and want to gift them as well. It teaches social skills, and honours both generations.


"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).