Home Educated Students Thrive at Trinity Western University

By Liesel Giesbrecht, Admissions Counsellor, Trinity Western University

From being elected President of the TWU Student Association to being at the top of their classes across our various faculties, home-educated students are among our highest achieving students at Trinity Western University.

Hannah (3rd year Nursing) was accepted into TWU’s competitive nursing program in September 2017. Hannah credits her home education with her ability to write and to think critically as well as her love for good books.

Beth (TWU School of Education, Class of 2018) is working as a teacher in a separate school in Vancouver, BC. “I became a teacher because I love children, I love learning, and because I desire that my students love what is true and good.”

Emery is a mother of two TWU graduates. She began home-educating her children when her eldest was 10 because she wanted her children to have a personalized, rigorous classical education, community, and to pursue beauty through music.

Hannah, Beth, and Emery sat down with me to discuss the reasons why they recommend TWU to other homeschooling families and how TWU has shaped them.

“We preach Christ crucified”

Emery: “We wanted our child to have an exposure to their Christian faith and worldview. We wanted a university that continued to ground our children in their faith - and they were formed by minds that are enlightened by a Christian worldview at TWU.”

TWU is Canada’s most established Christian university, located in Langley, BC. Every year, we welcome our students to campus to study in more than 40 academic programs, each taught by faculty members committed to the Faith.

Beth: “The friendships I formed with professors and students helped me develop a closer relationship with Christ and His Church.... it helped develop my character.”

Chapel, close-knit community, and the pursuit of truth form the beating heart of Trinity Western University. Our students benefit daily from faith-based teaching, mentorship, and community.

An admissions process that recognizes your unique curriculum

Hannah: “My admissions counsellor made such a personal effort to help me... he cared about me and advocated for me.”

We are interested in what you bring to the table as a home-educating family – whatsets you apart from conventional applicants.

Our free applications are the jumping-off point. Our admissions counsellors will be in touch with you within a few days to discuss your individual curriculum and unique qualifications. TWU offers various admissions pathways to home-educated students, and we’ll work with you to explore which option works best for you.

We don’t just recruit students – We recruit families

Emery: “We were very, very happy with the admission team and professors at Trinity.”

Choosing a university often feels like the biggest decision of a student’s life. Parents know that post-secondary education is a formative time and an investment in their student’s future.

Families are involved in Trinity Western’s application process from the beginning. After your student is admitted, your admissions counsellor will meet with your family to address any concerns or questions you may have.

Independence through mentorship

Hannah: “I love my professors... They’re so personable, and they care about their students so much. There are so many times that I’ve been nervous before an exam, and my professors have reassured me - they want me to learn and to succeed.”

TWU’s average class size is 25 students, and it’s this personal approach to education that allows our professors to build relationships with and mentor each one of their students.

Hannah: “My parents found a balance of motivating me and teaching me to be self- motivated. Now, in university, I know how to make my own schedule, how to prioritize. I’ve learned how to order my life - I have an order to my work, and I’ve carried that on to university.”

Home-educated students have learned self-discipline throughout high school. They build on that foundation at TWU where students are supported in learning to manage their time and prioritize.

Face the world with purpose

Beth: “I can’t stress enough how much the practicums in my program helped prepare me to teach my own class. I was better prepared for my practicum year and for my career because of how much time I spent in the classroom.”

TWU’s purpose is to help our students discover who God has called them to be and to equip them to excel in that calling. Whatever they study, they’ll receive an education that equips them with the skills and knowledge to be able to jump into the career of their choosing.

Adapting to COVID-19 through an innovative multi-access experience

At Trinity Western University, transformative education can happen regardless of borders, time zones, or location. Our multi-access platform allows students the flexibility of learning face-to-face, online, or a combination of the two, depending on the subject matter and individual circumstance of each student. This coming semester will be different for everyone, and we are committed to supporting students well regardless of their physical or geographical setting. Our multi-access approach will allow students to move dynamically between educational modes as we progress towards fully returning to a safe on-campus learning environment.

Whole-person education is a hallmark of the Trinity Western University experience. We have designed multi-access with this in mind: key areas of the university that contribute to the unique TWU student experience, including Student Life, Resident Life, Chapel and the Learning Commons, are adapting the way they care for and support the academic, social, and spiritual development of students to make the complete TWU experience available to all students.

Are you interested?

If this environment of academic rigour, career preparation, and faith formation sounds like a good fit for you and your family, we encourage you to explore our website at

Get started on your free application at, and one of our Admissions Counsellors will be in touch with you to discuss the unique nature of your high school education. We look forward to meeting you soon, and thank you for prayerfully considering Trinity Western University!

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).