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It is another awesome time of year during which there are a plethora of free activities available to children and adults. I know that we all live in different parts of the world, but some things are similar no matter where you live. Hopefully, you’re able to find the exact program I mention or comparable ones available in your area. Let’s get started!

Summer Reading Programs: I’ve mentioned this before, and they are definitely worth mentioning again. You can check local bookstores and libraries for these, which entail reading daily, logging the information, and turning it in for prizes. Most programs are for preschool and elementary-aged children, but a few encourage older children and adults to participate. Prizes are given according to age and budget of the business hosting the event. We’ve won tickets to water parks and amusement parks, toys, insulated water bottles, Kindle tablets, and so much more.

Kids Clubs: Most malls, children stores, and even some restaurants offer a kids club. These usually involve an online or social media sign up and might offer opportunities for arts and crafts, game nights, and free food. Recently at the mall, our children learned how to make pretzels and participated in a STEAM museum obstacle course, all for free.
Games Galore: Each summer several bowling alleys, arcades, and game stores offer daily free play for school-aged children. Since it gets extremely hot in the Lone Star State, we always go to these awesome indoor activities. In most cases, you fill out a registration form and are offered a free game or a certain amount of free play time Monday through Friday.

Movie Mania: One of my favorite activities of the summer is the movie theater showings. Our local theaters open up early and show two or three $1 movies once a week and offer extremely low cost refreshments. Special needs screenings for children with disabilities or those that need sensory friendly films are also available. Your city might sponsor a free movie in the park night where you can picnic or purchase low cost concessions while watching a film together under the stars.

Recreation Centers & Libraries: At the library, you will find all kinds of free activities including story time, contests, cooking classes, various clubs, and much more. We have enjoyed visits from local firemen, performance groups, zoo experts, wildlife reserve staff, and magicians. Our library also has video game systems, iPads, and several STEAM activities available for children of all ages. Recreation centers also provide free play time or low cost activities for children in the evenings. Our favorite family rec activity is the Nerf Gun War held monthly in our neighborhood center.

Of course there are so many more freebies and low cost activities near you. Again if you can’t find these exact opportunities, check social media or make some phone calls to see what is available in your area.


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